Sunday, 7 September 2014

Third army update : The Winner is Drum roll please

And the Winner is THE DWARFS, hardy wee folk with beards and grudges what could be finer?

A Throng of hardy wee folk, so the GREAT ONE surprised me today with not one new model but three boxes of models.

And it begins the start of my Third army.
I do tend to get spoiled on occasion and this is one of those occasions.
So my Throng starts off with
16 warriors
10 Hammers/Long beards
1 Cannon / Organ gun

I will look at interest at the Dwarf Armies at Axemaster this year and see other peoples view on this race and what they like to run. The only dwarf knowledge i have are of their Dark cousins the Chaos Dwarfs so i have an immense amount of reading to undertake.
In any event this army will be a slow building process as I plan for it to be my army to play for 2016-2017.

Why so long you ask, well I want this army to be the most challenging conversion and painting wise, that i have undertaken to date.

Anyway that is it for me, back to the family or perhaps off to My new home.


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