Monday, 8 September 2014

Axemaster: The painting push

Well with my list submitted now it is the painting side of the army that needs focus, the painting scores for Axemaster are either 0 or 20 depending on your army.

You score 20 if your entire army is painted  and based this includes movement trays.

You score 0 if any one of your figures or movement tray are not completely painted and based , so it is a yes or no question, at this stage my army is a NO, but I am aiming for a YES. So with 12 days before the tournament I have the following that I need to paint and base.

  1. 9 Wildriders
  2. 1 Treekin unit filler
  3. 6 waywatchers
  4. 10 scouts
  5. 1 glade captain battle standard bearer
  6. Ferastella mounted glade captain.
  7. Citadel Wood
  8. Make Movement Trays
  9. Base the entire army

So not a huge amount with 28 figures and movement trays only time will tell.



  1. You can do it! Nothing like a tournament to make sure things get done. If you have to, you could start by basecoating everything, then just come back and highlight etc whatever you have time for. So ensure you get the points and then focus on final presentation.

  2. Thank you , that is a great idea, I like that and will give it a go and see how it pans out, was a slow start last night painted 5 wild rider shields. Need to improve my output.