Monday, 5 January 2015

2015- My Hobby Goals for the Breathless Host

Hi All,

These are my Hobby goals for 2015, and I plan to use this post as a reference for review in December to see if i have been shameful in my hobby or if I have met and perhaps even exceeded my goals for the year.

If i manage to complete everything below and more then i shall reward myself with what i havent a clue, but i am sure to think of something. Only time will tell, but hang on to you hats here comes the good intentions.

Bring my army up to 2500 points
Repaint my 100 skeletons to refresh the scheme.
Paint my 40 Zombies
Paint what ever else is required for the 2500 points.

Wood elves
Finish painting
6 Waywatchers
20 Wildwood rangers
15 Wardancers
1 Shadow Dancer
12 Wild riders
6 Sisters of the thorn

Start painting and collecting my new Throng up to 1000 points.
No idea what this will entail, but i will leave this target at 1000 points.

Attend three this year which i hope will be
Cancon- It is on and then some booked in and ready to go.
Rumble in the Bronx- Hoping to get into this awesome event.
Third to be decided- see what comes up through the year.

I may also try my hand again this year at Dueling gamer's if it also occurs.

Well that is my goals set, lets see how they play out.