Monday, 8 September 2014

Axemaster List : 2600 points of Wood elves of the Ashen Halls.

With the Axemaster tournament in a couple of weeks and the deadline for the submission of lists past, I have decided to share my list for the event.

Axemaster is using the SCGT comp pack and I would like to say that the list was designed for this in mind, but in truth the army as you see it is basically all that I have. Out of a possible ten in comp I have score seven with one power and three soft choices

My army is as follows,

Lords 325pts

Shadow weaver (General)
Lv4- Lore of Shadows, bow
book of ashur, Talisman of endurance

Hero's 504pts

Glade Captain Ferastella
Elven steed, Shield, asari spear,
Dragonbane gem, Armour of fortune, Potion of foolhardiness

Glade Captain
- bsb, arari spear, Enchanted shield, hail of doom arrow, opal amulet.

Light singer
Lv2- lore of light, bow
dispel scroll 


Core 686pts

18 Dryads 

6 Glade riders

12 Glade Guard 
standard, muso – banner of eternal flame 

12 Glade Guard 
Muso - true flight arrows

Special 637pts

10 scouts 
true flight arrows

9 wild riders
shields, full command - banner of swiftness 

4 Treekin 

Rare 445ts


1 Giant Eagle

1 Giant Eagle

6 Waywatchers

So with two practice games under my belt,  and restricted choice due to figures available I am hoping not to place last, but if I do it is going to be a good weekend anyway.


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