Monday, 22 September 2014

My experience at Axemaster 2014 Day 1.

So before the Tournament I set myself  some goals for Axemaster listed in order of my priority.
  1. Have a lot of laughs
  2. Meet new gamers
  3. Have a fun weekend
  4. Score 30 battle points
  5. Win 1 game
So with these five goals in mind I headed down to Melbourne, I arrived at the Hampton games club about 30 minutes early and snagged a good parking spot, then wandered off to find some food, Started the day with a fresh bread roll still warm from the oven and a coffee so I had a breakfast of champions and I was all set to test my generalship and my fortune against 39 other hopefuls.

Game 1
Army : Ogre Kingdoms
Deployment: Battleline deployment

His Army from what I remember was
Gut star
4 Mournfang cavalry
2 stonehorns
2 x 1 sabretusks

The Ogres deployed.

My Shadow weaver and the glade guard that went into the realm of chaos with him.

The remnants of my Army.

Notable occurrences of the game.
  • My Shadow weaver  General miscast on my 1st turn with an attempt at withering and dimensional cascaded into the warp, onto the back foot but still in with a chance i thought at this stage.
  • Treeman and Mournfangs kill each other in a grinding match.
  • The unit of Lead belchers that was protecting his Flank swift reformed no less then 4 times on their basic leadership of 7 and destroyed my flank, it felt so much like this.

The game finished on turn 5 due to the fact that I was tabled, so off to a 0-20 start, and over lunch I learned a new term ' Submarine-ing'  : To lose your first game on purpose and fly ahead of the pack from round 2 because of softer match ups, ( If only I had that tactical acumen.)

Game 2 
Army :Vampires
Deployment: Battle for the pass deployment

His Army from what I remember was
Caster Lord on nightmare Lv4 with 4+ward and black periapt
Mounted BSB
Mounted vamp
Necro on foot
Black night bus
Ghoul Horde
Zombie Bunker
2 units of 5-6 Varghiests

My Army in all its glory at the start of the Game.

Viv moving his army closer to its victory

The Black Varghiets that die to arrows, Ghoulkin ( Fellbats) that die to Crumble test.

Treekin and their Insane courage, with Varghiets and Blacknights .

The Ghoul horde that I had no counter to, and that my army just could not deal with.
 Notable occurrences of the game.
  • His Vampire Lord miscast on his 1st turn with a bubble vanhels and dimensional cascaded into the warp, so i had a 600+ vp head start, not much crubled fellbats is about all. But my focus changed to killing his necro (which I did not manage) the only other caster with lore of vampires.
  • I managed to kill both units of Varghiests, one with shooting and the other with close combat from my archers.
  • Treekin rolling Insane courage in last round of CC of the game.
Another loss however but this time it was 14-6 so I was on the board now with battle points(Thank you Treekin.)

Game 3 versus 
Army :Vampire Counts
Deployment:Meeting engagement

His Army from what I remember was
Heinrich Kemmler
Vampire bsb of foot
Vampire on foot
Zombie bunker
60 strong ghoul horde
1 unit 12 vargiests
Black coach

  • James deployed all his characters into his Ghoul horde and i think i failed to kill anything of his that he could not heal back.
  • Suicide charge of my treekin into the Ghoul horde resulted in almost killing Kemmler, I was one wound shy, but it was not to be.

Ghoul Bus with all the Characters in it.

Deployment at the start of the game

Another loss this time it was 20-0 , the game was over by turn four, so not a great showing for the first day.

 I retired to the hotel I was staying at , having decided that with my cold I would be no fun at the Drunken shenanigans and resolved to get some sleep and be prepared for Sunday.

Anyway I have rambled enough.


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