Saturday, 20 October 2018

Cancon 2019 here I come

Hello All,
Well the lead up to Cancon 2019, specifically the 40K ITC championships starts today.

I have purchased my ticket, so the first hurdle is completed. If you are interested in going, the link is here.

So, the next question is, what am I going to play?

I would like to have an answer , but honestly I don't, well not a complete one.

Sounds cryptic doesn't it. Well the truth is I know I will be playing Aeldari. I just as yet, don't know which faction.

I have Craftworld Eldar- these are dear to my heart.

I have Dark Eldar- the sheer speed of this glass cannon I really enjoy.

I have the start of a Harlequin force- who does not like clowns, I still remember my Harlequin v Terminator debate with Ras in our year 10 maths classes.

Finally the newest god on the block, the followers of Ynnead.

I have six more weeks until I am on holidays, then the army design will begin in earnest. Hopefully Chapter approved will have dropped by then and I can spend a few weeks making list tweaks.

Anyways that is my State of the hobby.


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