Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Wood Elves: Woodland Ambush Rule

Wood Elves : Woodland Ambush Rule

Under the current army book (which hopefully is only current for another month if some rumors are to be believed), All wood elves armies are allowed to place a 6" forest in their deployment zone before they deploy their army during any of the six standard pitched battles scenarios.

This rule is a nice twist that the game designers have thrown in and to my knowledge is the only option for an army to take dedicated terrain(excluding fozzrik's folding fortress of course) , I have seen many elaborate forests on the net that look just stunning, but making these are beyond my skills for the moment, my forest will be a simple 6" circle of mdf that is based/flocked /painted like the rest of my army with removable autumn trees, removable so that game play is easier. No real bells and whistles except for a few spites, but it will get the job done by providing my dryads with a nice little stubborn bonus.

With the rumors touting a new book in May, this is one rule that I hope stays in the book as it really captures the feel of the Wood Elves army.

Anyway I have rambled enough catch you all next time.
Cheers Lupus.


  1. Well Lupus, they are rumours no longer - Wood Elves are *definitely* the next army release, as pics from next week's WD Weekly (in the UK at least) have several new WE kits being released. It looks like the army book is scheduled for a Week 2 release, so should be available around 10th May.

    I've no idea whether the Woodland Ambush rule will still be in the book, but terrain is always useful!

  2. Hi Nick,

    i just saw that myself. Good times for the Asari is ahead.

  3. Hope to see your forest soon, you should see if Grot the hippo can help with it.