Monday, 15 September 2014

Kitbashing my Wood Elves ASB on foot.

In an effort to make my army mine in a sense unique, I decided to Kit-bash my own version of the Army standard bearer.
This Glade captain was made with the following parts and I intend to use the same parts again when a mounted version is made so that the two are interchangeable, at least appearance wise.

To start with as an aid I have include a picture and a description of the various parts i used from which wood elves boxes i obtained them from.

Component parts going into my ASB

Description of parts
From Glade guard sprues
Torso, legs, cloak with gems, bow, leaves to stand on and spite with arrow.

From eternal guard/wildwood rangers sprues
Standard, wildwood champion head, shield with gem

From Dryad sprues
Owl for banner top

The Finished Product.
A blurred picture with the Camera I currently have.

More pictures can be found in this post here, I was basically too lazy to inbed them in this post.
As you may have noticed the head is different as the original one I planned to use as the original did not provide the feel/look/vibe  to the figure as I had hoped, and the spite was removed as well becauseI felt it made the base too busy.


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  1. The joys of a huge bits box and plastic miniatures, nice.