Thursday, 4 September 2014

Third army update : No flesh, No entry

The GREAT ONE has decreed that no FLESH no entry.
It appears that my next army is to have curves, so Tomb Kings you need not apply, you are too bony for my wife.
It took me a minute to realize what the GREAT ONE was getting at, it has been a long day already and I started to argue that this clue was rubbish until I got the boney end of the stick.(pardon the pun)

So Chris we were both wrong, alas Nagash was unable to exert power over her, bye bye my plans for Arkhan's Black Legion.

And then there where seven.

Daemons of Chaos
Ogre Kingdoms
Orcs and Goblins
The Empire
Warriors of Chaos

Now i am really getting nervous as i can see potential in all these armies, only time and act of wife will tell.


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