Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Third army update : It will not be the furred ones of Chaos

Wednesday has arrived and so too has another tidbit of information from the GREAT ONE.

Furred children of Chaos and of the Horned Rat have no place in the army,  my hopes of dry brushing an entire army have been dashed as Beastmen and Skaven are out of the running.

I have mixed feelings that Beastmen are out of it, they only have the Cygor that would count as artillery and two of those in an army would have been funny to field once or twice but not all the time, apart from that I do like Beastmen as an army and with my mate Jason was upset when the Warriors of Chaos stole the Ogres, Trolls and Dragon Ogres from them.

Skaven and their warpstone toys can be very powerful and fun, but in the past I have tried the brown army of death (BAD) and it did not hold my interest, my Clan Moulder army had a lot of rats and rat ogres and to be honest I loved that clan to this day, but I found the painting of 400 figures for a 2000 point army very daunting, still the look of horde armies when on the battlefield are a great sight.

With these two out of the running I am left with only eight ponies still in the race.

Daemons of Chaos
Ogre Kingdoms
Orcs and Goblins
The Empire
Tomb kings
Warriors of Chaos

All solid contenders with each of them having the basis of a good artillery base, some more suited to it than others but we will see what the GREAT ONE has ordained.

So an even spread of factions with three good, three bad and the two neutral to choose from, I eagerly await the next clue, as to what it shall be.



  1. Has she read the updates on the GW site for Nagash or have you dropped hints if so it could be.............. Tomb Kings......

  2. I know right, the fun of screaming skull catapults with Arkhan the Black.
    Chris i have to admit that i am getting excited about this.