Monday, 27 April 2015

1000 point warhamer

In an effort to kick start my hobby malaise a few mates and I are going to be playing some 1000 point warhammer battles, my hope is that it will reinvigorate my interest.

So here are my thoughts using the following restrictions

1000 point army's
No Lord choices.
0-250 on hero's
250 + on core
0-500 on special
0-250 on rare

Max three magic levels(inc sisters of thorn and  warlocks)
Max 2 warmachines (inc steam teanks, gyrobombers)
Max 1 each type of rare
Max 2 of each special type

The goal is not to have hero hammer or he with the most warmachines wins, but to use these small battles to have fun.

Anyway that is all from me.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Army Transport options

Well it time to finally open the wallet ,even though I am not currently in the 'hobby zone', I have started thinking about how I can improve the transport of my armies.

For Cancon I used some old foam trays that were lying around and a plastic $2 shop carry tub, this system worked okay for what it was, but i intend to attend more tournaments this year, an this current set up is not suitable for driving as i kept expecting it to flip over and as i intend to fly with the army i really need to up my game.

These are my concerns-
  • When flying do you put your army in checked luggage or can you take it as carry on?
  • What sort of case/bag is best?
  • It is the overwhelming choice of different companies that is concerning me, not the lack of it.
  • At this stage I have had no experience with anything except an Old GW case that i gave away years ago, and my current set up.
My future transport option needs to be able to carry my wood elves safely without being a major pain lugging it about.

I am hoping that the community will be able to offer some sage advice.

Cheers Lupus