Monday, 28 April 2014

My Duelling opponents

I have been remiss in not linking my adversary's blogs in any of my posts, so to rectify this here we go in no particular order and with no bias to my mate Rupe.

Rupert and his Dwarves can be found here Not about to grow up
Greg and his Dwarfs are here Hoodling's Hole
Nick and his Warriors of Chaos are here Den of the eternal youth
Owen and his Warriors of Slaanesh are here Terrain for hippos
Nick and his Wood Elves are here Carrot and stick
Justin and his 40K Orks are here Holiday hobbyist
Chris and his Vampire counts are here Moruya marauders

To be honest there is an excellent cross section of bloggers in this challenge those who have been established for years and others like myself who are just starting their own blogging journey. I hope that over the coming months my wood elves will grow to a respectable host, and to be honest that I also hit my monthly targets and complete each month on time.

Anyway I have rambled enough


  1. Thanks for the plug, I am having trouble changing my links at the side of the page to include everyone involved so may do something similar to you. Wheel done.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I have had the same issue with the plugins , my blog list is still empty, but i have added you all so many times, so instead i did this post.