Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Breathless host 6th ed pics

Well the breathless host as it stands in its 6th ed Warhammer configuration.


Skeletons- spears

Skeletons - sword and board

 Old Grave guard with halberds (obsolete with new rules)



Black knights

Wraith Banshee and Spirit host (average pics)

Necromancer and Vamp ( average pic)

So as you can see, a lot of work is required to bring it up to 8th ed viability

Back story- about my gaming style

Well this update has been a real long time in coming.
The reasons are unimportant, so let us kick start this blog with a simple question.

Why Necrachs?

For as long as i have been playing games (rp, wowcrack or table top) i have preferred magic over the brute force approach of fighters. So back when i decided to start a vamps army the Magical blood line was a no brainer.

Enter the walking dead.

Under the current 8th ed army book the blood lines have been relegated to the position of fluff,  any vampire can take any power with in points restrictions, but my love of the magical approach remains, and whilst the magical blood line power restrictions are no longer applicable, there are still some nice casting powers.