Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Kitbashing Ferastella my Gladelady of the Ashenhalls.

This is Ferastella-  Glade lady of the Ashen-halls.

And this is how I made her, unlike the ASB that I kit-bashed for something different, the current wood elves range only has one mounted hero and that is male, I wanted mine to be female so that meant another project.

Parts to make Ferastella

From Glade riders sprue
Elven steed  no 4,Legs torso with boobs, cloak with gems and leaves.left sword arm(sword trimmed) and right sword arm

From Wild riders sisters of the thorn
Wildrider champion head and  2 part hair

From eternal guard wildwood rangers
Shield with gem, and glyph that can be puttied over to make own glyph or something else.

Old wild riders metal.
Metal horse head because i wanted something different.

Final product
And here she is all ready for her showing at Axemaster.

A nice side view.

I like the look of the Silver armor for my elves.

Shield just needs a unique design when i build up the courage.

I am really happy with the cloak

Cheers Lupus


  1. Really like this. But where is the helmet/ head from?

  2. Hi Chris,
    The Helmet and Hair are the Wild rider champions from the new Wildrider / Sisters of the thorn boxset.
    The head doesn't fit exactly on the Glade rider torso so i made a green stuff neck to help with the correct posture.

  3. Thanks Lupus may have to get me some of them thar wildriders