Thursday, 4 September 2014

Duelling Gamers : Stay on target, Stay on Target.

Well finally I have completed my last remaining eagle from my July goals , I am really happy with the results and like how the army as a whole is coming together. My take on Autumn themed wood elves is starting to look how I  thought it should.

This week I have managed to assembled and undercoated my remaining figures for the Duel and tonight I plan on starting my Spell weaver and hopefully have him finished before fathers day on Sunday.

Anyway time for pictures or it didn't happen.

Duelling Update
Still to Assembled.

Still to paint 
1 kitbashed noble asb on foot
5 waywatchers

Painting in Progress
Citadel Wood
5 Wild riders
1 Spell Weaver on foot

Completed this Month
1 giant eagle

Front View, with the eagle and base already glued together

Raised front view to get a better idea of the colors of the feathers.

Left view, because of the weight of the eagle was forward on the base, that meant the tree needed to be right at the very back of the base so that the model as a whole balances correctly, this will make charging in the rear an interesting proposition to rank up correctly, but all will suffer for my art.

Rear view, the branch was added on the right of the tree to try and add  more dimension to the model as a whole.

Right view and not a bad picture of the wing colors.

Completed in past Months
1 Spellsinger on foot
12 Dryads
Dryad unit filler
25 Glade Guard
6 Glade Riders
3 Treekin
1 giant eagle

Until next time.
Cheers Lupus.

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