Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Kitbashing Ferastella my Gladelady of the Ashenhalls.

This is Ferastella-  Glade lady of the Ashen-halls.

And this is how I made her, unlike the ASB that I kit-bashed for something different, the current wood elves range only has one mounted hero and that is male, I wanted mine to be female so that meant another project.

Parts to make Ferastella

From Glade riders sprue
Elven steed  no 4,Legs torso with boobs, cloak with gems and leaves.left sword arm(sword trimmed) and right sword arm

From Wild riders sisters of the thorn
Wildrider champion head and  2 part hair

From eternal guard wildwood rangers
Shield with gem, and glyph that can be puttied over to make own glyph or something else.

Old wild riders metal.
Metal horse head because i wanted something different.

Final product
And here she is all ready for her showing at Axemaster.

A nice side view.

I like the look of the Silver armor for my elves.

Shield just needs a unique design when i build up the courage.

I am really happy with the cloak

Cheers Lupus

Duelling Gamer's : On target sort of, with a change of plans.

With a change of priorities for the Duel I have modified my final goals. Instead of 5 wild riders, 5 way watchers  and a Citadel wood that I planned to complete, Instead my revised goal will be
1 x kitbashed mounted noble, 1 treekin unit filler (represents 1 treekin), 5 waywatchers, a waywatcher noble and 3 more glade guard.

The reason for this is simply that I have struggled for the last three months to find a color scheme for my wildriders that I was happy with, I will not rush these figures for the duel , so instead I have decided to revise the target instead.

Duelling Update
Still to Assembled.

Still to paint 
3 Glade guard.
1 waywatcher lord

Painting in Progress
5 waywatchers

Completed this Month
1 Spell Weaver on foot
1 giant eagle
1 kitbashed noble asb on foot
1 Kitbashed noble on elven steed.
Right View of Steed

Front View

Left View

Rear View

Right view with Ferastella

Front View

Left View with the detail of the Shield

Rear View.
1 Treekin filler base
Using the leftover leg of my Treeman and various Spites, i had hoped to give it the look of the Spites defending a fallen spirit.
Front view

Left View

Rear View

Right View

Completed in past Months
1 Spellsinger on foot
12 Dryads
Dryad unit filler
25 Glade Guard
6 Glade Riders
3 Treekin
1 giant eagle

With this revised target I have a total of 9 more figures to complete and of course base the army, which should be achievable.
Hang on to your hats this is the last week.

Cheers Lupus.

Axemaster day 2.

Well the good nights sleep did not happen for a number of reasons, but I did get some sleep so that combined with a good breakfast and a 40 minute hot shower had me refreshed as I was going to get and ready for the challenge  of day 2.

After the failure of my tactics on Day one I decided to throw the plan out of the window and try some different tactics, I mean it could not go worse then it had , or could it?

Game 4 
Opponent: Josh 
Army : Brettonian's, 
Deployment: Battle for the pass deployment

His Army from what I remember was
2 x Lords
2 x lv2 beasts ladies
2 x trebuchets
2 x 10 peasant archer regiments
1 x 8 grail knight regiment
1 x 3 peg knights
1 x 6 knights of the realm
1 x 12 knights of the realm
1 x 9 knights errant

Spoiler: This was my most enjoyable game of the weekend and that is saying a lot considering the amount of fun games and the interesting opponents i played against.

My Deployment.

Josh's deployment.

A closer view of the Knights of the realm and Errants.

Waywatchers at the moment of their victory.

The action as it happens

Notable occurrences of the game.
  • My waywatchers defeating Peg knights in close combat
  • A unit of Glade guard flank charging the large unit of knights of the realm and pinning them for two turns.
  • Wild riders tearing through the bsb and his bus and into combat with his general, and killing him.
  • My Treekin standing toe to toe with the Frost Phoenix most of the game
  • The result was 13-7 against me, what a great game.

So with the first game of day 2 I scored more points then the entire day before, happy with the start.

Game 5 
Army :High elves
Deployment: Battle line deployment

His Army from what I remember was
Prince on Dragon
Dragonmage on Dragon
Mounted BSB on elven steed with Banner of the world dragon 
Dragon knights or Silverhelm bus i forget which type
3 repeater bolt throwers
Frosthearted Phoenix
Seaguard unit 
Archer regiment

Notable occurrences of the game.
  • Shooting the Dragon mage off, and then casting pit of shades on his Sun dragon and getting that as well.
  • Wild riders tearing through the bsb and cav unit and into combat with his general, and killing him.
  • My Treekin standing toe to toe with the Frost Phoenix most of the game.

No Pictures of this game as they came out super blurry, which for me means they were really rubbish.

The result was 15-5 my way me, what a great game and my first victory of the event.

Game 6 
Opponent: Andrew
Army : Dark Elves,
Deployment: Battle for the pass deployment

His Army from what I remember was
Malekith on coldone
Bsb on Cold one
lv1 or 2 on foot
10 cold one knights
3 units of dark riders
4 reaper bolt throwers
2 units of corsairs
2 Hydra's

The only picture that i took of the Dark Elves, love the lavender cold ones, I see you Malekith,I see you.
Notable occurrences of the game.

  • My Wild riders failed to charge the cold one bus needing five on 3d6 and I only rolled a four.
  • Getting the witch king  and his BSB down to only 1 wound each , but not being able to seal the deal and missing out on the 900 odd vp they were both worth hurt , but did not really change the outcome.
  • Expressing to my opponent Andrew how I wanted to go to attend another tournament next year called Rumble in the Bronx held in Geelong, as I had only heard great things about it, to discover that he was the TO of said event, so we laughed at that.
Anyway the result was 20-0 against me, but i had a great game, next time Malekith, next time.

Final Result 
 So lets review my goals I set for Axemaster.
  1. Have a lot of laughs: Yep I did that every game, and a fair amount in between games as well.
  2. Meet new gamers: Met a lot of people that share the same interest's always a good thing.
  3. A fun weekend: I have said it before the entire weekend was a blast.
  4. Score 30 battle points: Well 28 battle points is not bad, i blame Malekith for my shortage of 2 points.
  5. Win 1 game: It was looking touch and go there for a while, but yes i did manage to win a game.
And in the final wash up I finished last at the event , but i did not leave empty handed.
My trophy for Best Sportsman.

My unexpected prize for best sportsman a box of Chaos warriors, the start of a new army perhaps?
To finalize this post I must thank the following people.
First my family for giving me the leave pass to attend over the weekend.
My opponents who made my games a fun experience even when I was losing, which you cannot come last if you are not.
Hoodling for his blog that restarted my interest in the hobby.
The Hampton games club for hosting a great event.

Anyway I have rambled enough.


Monday, 22 September 2014

My experience at Axemaster 2014 Day 1.

So before the Tournament I set myself  some goals for Axemaster listed in order of my priority.
  1. Have a lot of laughs
  2. Meet new gamers
  3. Have a fun weekend
  4. Score 30 battle points
  5. Win 1 game
So with these five goals in mind I headed down to Melbourne, I arrived at the Hampton games club about 30 minutes early and snagged a good parking spot, then wandered off to find some food, Started the day with a fresh bread roll still warm from the oven and a coffee so I had a breakfast of champions and I was all set to test my generalship and my fortune against 39 other hopefuls.

Game 1
Army : Ogre Kingdoms
Deployment: Battleline deployment

His Army from what I remember was
Gut star
4 Mournfang cavalry
2 stonehorns
2 x 1 sabretusks

The Ogres deployed.

My Shadow weaver and the glade guard that went into the realm of chaos with him.

The remnants of my Army.

Notable occurrences of the game.
  • My Shadow weaver  General miscast on my 1st turn with an attempt at withering and dimensional cascaded into the warp, onto the back foot but still in with a chance i thought at this stage.
  • Treeman and Mournfangs kill each other in a grinding match.
  • The unit of Lead belchers that was protecting his Flank swift reformed no less then 4 times on their basic leadership of 7 and destroyed my flank, it felt so much like this.

The game finished on turn 5 due to the fact that I was tabled, so off to a 0-20 start, and over lunch I learned a new term ' Submarine-ing'  : To lose your first game on purpose and fly ahead of the pack from round 2 because of softer match ups, ( If only I had that tactical acumen.)

Game 2 
Army :Vampires
Deployment: Battle for the pass deployment

His Army from what I remember was
Caster Lord on nightmare Lv4 with 4+ward and black periapt
Mounted BSB
Mounted vamp
Necro on foot
Black night bus
Ghoul Horde
Zombie Bunker
2 units of 5-6 Varghiests

My Army in all its glory at the start of the Game.

Viv moving his army closer to its victory

The Black Varghiets that die to arrows, Ghoulkin ( Fellbats) that die to Crumble test.

Treekin and their Insane courage, with Varghiets and Blacknights .

The Ghoul horde that I had no counter to, and that my army just could not deal with.
 Notable occurrences of the game.
  • His Vampire Lord miscast on his 1st turn with a bubble vanhels and dimensional cascaded into the warp, so i had a 600+ vp head start, not much crubled fellbats is about all. But my focus changed to killing his necro (which I did not manage) the only other caster with lore of vampires.
  • I managed to kill both units of Varghiests, one with shooting and the other with close combat from my archers.
  • Treekin rolling Insane courage in last round of CC of the game.
Another loss however but this time it was 14-6 so I was on the board now with battle points(Thank you Treekin.)

Game 3 versus 
Army :Vampire Counts
Deployment:Meeting engagement

His Army from what I remember was
Heinrich Kemmler
Vampire bsb of foot
Vampire on foot
Zombie bunker
60 strong ghoul horde
1 unit 12 vargiests
Black coach

  • James deployed all his characters into his Ghoul horde and i think i failed to kill anything of his that he could not heal back.
  • Suicide charge of my treekin into the Ghoul horde resulted in almost killing Kemmler, I was one wound shy, but it was not to be.

Ghoul Bus with all the Characters in it.

Deployment at the start of the game

Another loss this time it was 20-0 , the game was over by turn four, so not a great showing for the first day.

 I retired to the hotel I was staying at , having decided that with my cold I would be no fun at the Drunken shenanigans and resolved to get some sleep and be prepared for Sunday.

Anyway I have rambled enough.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Kitbashing my Wood Elves ASB on foot.

In an effort to make my army mine in a sense unique, I decided to Kit-bash my own version of the Army standard bearer.
This Glade captain was made with the following parts and I intend to use the same parts again when a mounted version is made so that the two are interchangeable, at least appearance wise.

To start with as an aid I have include a picture and a description of the various parts i used from which wood elves boxes i obtained them from.

Component parts going into my ASB

Description of parts
From Glade guard sprues
Torso, legs, cloak with gems, bow, leaves to stand on and spite with arrow.

From eternal guard/wildwood rangers sprues
Standard, wildwood champion head, shield with gem

From Dryad sprues
Owl for banner top

The Finished Product.
A blurred picture with the Camera I currently have.

More pictures can be found in this post here, I was basically too lazy to inbed them in this post.
As you may have noticed the head is different as the original one I planned to use as the original did not provide the feel/look/vibe  to the figure as I had hoped, and the spite was removed as well becauseI felt it made the base too busy.


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Duelling gamers: More time more time, I need more time.

Rules for a painting challenge and painting to dead lines, DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT start reading a book that everyone raves about. In this case I started reading the Nagash End times book and lost three days of painting this week, so all I have managed to do is putter around and finish my Battle standard bearer.

Whilst I will be able to recover for Duelling Gamers, I doubt if I will be able to do this for Axemaster only time will tell though.

Duelling Update
Still to Assembled.

Still to paint 

Painting in Progress
Citadel Wood
5 way watchers
5 Wild riders

Completed this Month
1 kit bashed Glade captain asb on foot, using parts from the Glade guard, Glade riders and Eternal Guard Sprue.
Back View of the Glade captain

Side View with some shield detail.

Front View with detail of Captain.

Attempted close up of the Banner and Owl.

Side view of Banner and Captain taking a break from the day.

Front View with the captain and banner in one

1 Spell Weaver on foot
1 giant eagle

Completed in past Months
1 Spellsinger on foot
12 Dryads
Dryad unit filler
25 Glade Guard
6 Glade Riders
3 Treekin
1 giant eagle

Only time will tell what i can get painted for next week.
Cheers Lupus.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Road to Cancon

A quick update , while I am busy painting for Axemaster, the tournament bug has bitten hard, and I have signed up to go to Cancon  Australia day 2015 long weekend for the Warhammer fantasy event.

I have been meaning to attend this awesome convention for years now , so I have bitten the bullet and received approval from the GREAT ONE, with any luck I can convince some mates to attend as well.

If you want to see what Cancon is about then here you go.

Hoping to see you there.


Monday, 8 September 2014

Axemaster: The painting push

Well with my list submitted now it is the painting side of the army that needs focus, the painting scores for Axemaster are either 0 or 20 depending on your army.

You score 20 if your entire army is painted  and based this includes movement trays.

You score 0 if any one of your figures or movement tray are not completely painted and based , so it is a yes or no question, at this stage my army is a NO, but I am aiming for a YES. So with 12 days before the tournament I have the following that I need to paint and base.

  1. 9 Wildriders
  2. 1 Treekin unit filler
  3. 6 waywatchers
  4. 10 scouts
  5. 1 glade captain battle standard bearer
  6. Ferastella mounted glade captain.
  7. Citadel Wood
  8. Make Movement Trays
  9. Base the entire army

So not a huge amount with 28 figures and movement trays only time will tell.


Axemaster List : 2600 points of Wood elves of the Ashen Halls.

With the Axemaster tournament in a couple of weeks and the deadline for the submission of lists past, I have decided to share my list for the event.

Axemaster is using the SCGT comp pack and I would like to say that the list was designed for this in mind, but in truth the army as you see it is basically all that I have. Out of a possible ten in comp I have score seven with one power and three soft choices

My army is as follows,

Lords 325pts

Shadow weaver (General)
Lv4- Lore of Shadows, bow
book of ashur, Talisman of endurance

Hero's 504pts

Glade Captain Ferastella
Elven steed, Shield, asari spear,
Dragonbane gem, Armour of fortune, Potion of foolhardiness

Glade Captain
- bsb, arari spear, Enchanted shield, hail of doom arrow, opal amulet.

Light singer
Lv2- lore of light, bow
dispel scroll 


Core 686pts

18 Dryads 

6 Glade riders

12 Glade Guard 
standard, muso – banner of eternal flame 

12 Glade Guard 
Muso - true flight arrows

Special 637pts

10 scouts 
true flight arrows

9 wild riders
shields, full command - banner of swiftness 

4 Treekin 

Rare 445ts


1 Giant Eagle

1 Giant Eagle

6 Waywatchers

So with two practice games under my belt,  and restricted choice due to figures available I am hoping not to place last, but if I do it is going to be a good weekend anyway.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Third army update : The Winner is Drum roll please

And the Winner is THE DWARFS, hardy wee folk with beards and grudges what could be finer?

A Throng of hardy wee folk, so the GREAT ONE surprised me today with not one new model but three boxes of models.

And it begins the start of my Third army.
I do tend to get spoiled on occasion and this is one of those occasions.
So my Throng starts off with
16 warriors
10 Hammers/Long beards
1 Cannon / Organ gun

I will look at interest at the Dwarf Armies at Axemaster this year and see other peoples view on this race and what they like to run. The only dwarf knowledge i have are of their Dark cousins the Chaos Dwarfs so i have an immense amount of reading to undertake.
In any event this army will be a slow building process as I plan for it to be my army to play for 2016-2017.

Why so long you ask, well I want this army to be the most challenging conversion and painting wise, that i have undertaken to date.

Anyway that is it for me, back to the family or perhaps off to My new home.


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Third army update : Arrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The Great one is prolonging my agony and is not letting slip anymore hints or clues, I will give her credit in this, she knows how to torment me.

I have been informed that I will find out midday Sunday and not a second before, so hang onto your hats in one way shape or form i will have an army with artillery and Sunday we will all know which army it will be.


6th September Duelling Gamers: A time of Magic

I have managed to be super productive on Thursday and Friday night and have completed my Spell weaver, it has been a welcomed change painting a character, and I have relished it, painting this Spell weaver has been relaxing  particularly going to town on all the detail, with out any of his buddy's looking at me and waiting their turn for the brush, which is how i feel when painting regiments.

With the Spell weaver figure I have never liked the horns in the shape of the crescent moon on his back, so instead I decided to swap them out for a spite and an owl. I have always like the imagery of the good and evil manifestations of yourself on each shoulder trying to sway your decisions, and I have tried to represent this here with the Spite for evil and the owl for good.

Anyway onto the pictures.

Duelling Update
Still to Assembled.

Still to paint 
5 waywatchers

Painting in Progress
5 Wild riders
Citadel Wood
1 kitbashed noble asb on foot

Completed this Month
1 Spell Weaver on foot
Front view, typical fella the only thing in focus is the groin region.

Side view with the back of the Spite.

Rear view with the cloak vines and leaves in good detail.

Right side view.

Close up of the owl.

Attempted close up of the Spite.

1 giant eagle

Completed in past Months
1 Spellsinger on foot
12 Dryads
Dryad unit filler
25 Glade Guard
6 Glade Riders
3 Treekin
1 giant eagle

So the plan for this week coming, finish the Wild riders and hopefully not get very distracted by my Third army reveal.
Wish me luck we are on the home straight.
Cheers Lupus.