Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Duelling Gamer's : On target sort of, with a change of plans.

With a change of priorities for the Duel I have modified my final goals. Instead of 5 wild riders, 5 way watchers  and a Citadel wood that I planned to complete, Instead my revised goal will be
1 x kitbashed mounted noble, 1 treekin unit filler (represents 1 treekin), 5 waywatchers, a waywatcher noble and 3 more glade guard.

The reason for this is simply that I have struggled for the last three months to find a color scheme for my wildriders that I was happy with, I will not rush these figures for the duel , so instead I have decided to revise the target instead.

Duelling Update
Still to Assembled.

Still to paint 
3 Glade guard.
1 waywatcher lord

Painting in Progress
5 waywatchers

Completed this Month
1 Spell Weaver on foot
1 giant eagle
1 kitbashed noble asb on foot
1 Kitbashed noble on elven steed.
Right View of Steed

Front View

Left View

Rear View

Right view with Ferastella

Front View

Left View with the detail of the Shield

Rear View.
1 Treekin filler base
Using the leftover leg of my Treeman and various Spites, i had hoped to give it the look of the Spites defending a fallen spirit.
Front view

Left View

Rear View

Right View

Completed in past Months
1 Spellsinger on foot
12 Dryads
Dryad unit filler
25 Glade Guard
6 Glade Riders
3 Treekin
1 giant eagle

With this revised target I have a total of 9 more figures to complete and of course base the army, which should be achievable.
Hang on to your hats this is the last week.

Cheers Lupus.

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