Sunday, 22 April 2018

Drukari / Dark Eldar Here we go.

Well it starts again. Another year, another army that I will try to complete. I say try, because I seem to be a hobby butterfly, I land here, I land there, I never seem to finish an army properly, well this one I intend to be different.
To this end, here are the models that will form the foundation of my army, belonging to the Black Hearts Kabal.

2 razorwings, 5 raiders and  1 ravager, it seems all with dark lances.

30 Kabilites warriors

Metal Archon
As these are all third edition models except for the Razorwings, I found it hard to see what weapons were what. This is not that important in casual play, but in some tournament events it is prefered that models are WYSIWYG, this avoids any confusion. For those readers that have not heard this term before, WYSIWYG sands for What You See Is What You Get. To this end, I needed to decipher the weapons of these models, the below picture has helped a lot.
3rd ed weapons
A big thanks to Marcus who found this for me, at least now I have the ability to start getting my army prepared for Cancon 2019. That is right, you read correctly. I am going back again, which I shall discuss in a later post dealing with this in particular.

But here at least I have decided on the Drukari or Dark Eldar for us old farts.

Anyway that enough for this morning.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

My Dark Eldar starting point- The Kabal of the Flaming rose

Hi all,
So I though as I am going to be embarking upon the Dark Eldar for this year, I would list the forces that I currently have available.
So lets jump straight in

My original list of miniatures.
1 Archon, 1 Heamonculus, 1 Succubus.

5 Raiders
1 Ravager
2 Venoms- converted from Vypers

Fast attack
13 Reaver Bikes
5 Hellions
10 Scourges

57 Kabalite warriors with various weapons, 2 blasters and 8 splinter cannons.

5 wracks

5 wyches

5 Mandrakes

16 Incubi

2 Razorwing jets.

As usual these are stock photos from the net, and I do not pretend that my models are painted to these standards.

The majority of my models as you can see from the pictures, are all 3rd edition models.

My plan is to update these slightly I will update slightly with head swaps and minor conversions, so they keep their old look, whilst also looking as nice as I can make them.

The issue will be adding newer units to the army. I will have to be selective as I do not wish for my army to look too disparate. I have some idea's about this, but I will have to wait and see.

As it stands i currently have my Archon and 10 Warriors taking a dip into simple green.

Anyway that is it for today.


Thursday, 5 April 2018

Index Dark Eldar List

This is my attempt at an Index list for Dark Eldar.
It is not optimised.
Battalion Detachment for a total of 6 cp at 1993pts.

Archon  Agoniser, Blaster, Warlord
Archon Agoniser, Blaster

1x Kabalite Warrior squad
 8x Kabalite Warriors, 1 with blaster

4 x Kabalite Warrior squad
10x Kabalite Warriors, 1 with blaster 1 with dark lance.

Dedicated Transport
5 x Raiders [6 PL, 115pts]:[/b] Dark Lance

 8x Mandrake, Nightfiend

Fast Attack
2x Grav-Talon
Arena Champion
6x Reaver
Reaver with Blaster

Heavy Support
Ravager Dark Lance, Dark Lance, Dark Lance

Razorwing Jetfighter,  2 Disintegrator Cannons, Splinter Cannon

On Saturday, I will have my copy of the new codex and will see how this basic list has changed.

My Random thoughts are all well and good, but I will be working on this army over the coming months. to improve the list as well as the old 3rd ed models.


Monday, 2 April 2018

Dark Eldar.

Hi all,
With all the rumours and teasers that are about concerning the update to the Dark Eldar. I will be the proud owner of the new Codex and may find inspiration enough to start using the Dark Eldar I have in the garage.

To be honest I have never really been into this faction and the Army I have was an Impulse purchase, so I will be interested to see what GW have done with them in the new book.

Drukari be damned, I am old enough to remember when this army was first released.