Monday, 15 June 2015

Brains- Or a WIP of my Vampire Zombies

It has been slow in my hobby world of late, with the 9th edition uncertanity.

But even with that I have managed to go through my collection and find my zombies both new and secondhand and fleshed out(pardon the pun) three units of 30 zombies or 90 zombies. To be honest i doubt i will need more than 90 of those rotters.

So work to date.
One unit taking shape with the green zombies and regiment bases, some zombies still need torso's.

Another two units again some torso work required.
As you can see from the pictures it is early days so far, some zombies are partially assembled and some zombies will need a new paint scheme/ re-basing.

But it is a start.


Saying good bye to eight edition Warhammer

It is fitting i suppose that my last game of Warhammer 8th Edition will be with my Vampires, the Vamps were the army that i was using when 8th edition was released, over the course of 8th edition I have played and collected Vampires, Skaven, Warriors of Chaos, Wood elves, High Elves and Lizardmen. I have not included my dwarfs in this list as I have not yet actually played a game of 8th with them as yet.

This week i will be playing what could be my last 8th edition fantasy game as such i can think of nothing better then using this 2500 point list.

Vampire Lord- W'Sorchai
Lv4 - lore of vampires
Talisman of presrvation, Black periapt
Great weapon, Heavy Armour
Quickblood, Flying horror, Aura of Dark Majesty

Necro - lv 1 death
Cursed book

-lv2 vamps
heavy, nightmare, lance, shield,
dragon helm
book of arkhan
Seed of rebirth
potion of full hardiness

1 Tomb Banshee

50 skeletons- fc -banner of movement

20 Zombies- banner, muso

5 dire wolves

5 dire wolves

10 dire wolves inc doom

10 dire wolves inc doom


1 spirit host

1 spirit host

2 fellbats

10 black knights
-barding lances
fc- banner of barrows

Mortis Engine - cursed tome


I am not sure how it will play, but it will be a good game.