Thursday, 20 July 2017

Flame wolves. A change of Faith, but not direction.

And thus an unscheduled faith change has occurred.

An unscheduled change of faith.
In my local gaming meta the sons of Dorn are well and truly represented, and in force. Imperial Fists, Crimson Fists and Black Templars are all being played on a regular basis. So in order to avoid future confusion by myself and my opponents, I have decided to change the name of my Chapter.

This is still my chapter symbol.

Because I will still be using the Kjarl Grimblood great company symbol. I went through a few options for names, but in the end I decided to go with  The Flame Wolves Chapter.

So whilst it is just a matter of fluff, I like to be consistent with what I call my bits of plastics and lead. My blogs name is actually the name of my Vampire counts army, The Breathless Host.


Land Style Part Two

Hi All,

My Landraider is progressing slowly, I have built the main chassis, and now have blue tacked the sponson weapons into place until they are painted and then I will of course magnetise them.

 My Redeemer Sponsons.

Left view

Right view

Rear view.
Next is the front view, as I mentioned in my last post, Mt assault ramp is missing, lost in time. So I have started to fashion a new one.

After about 6 hours of curing, this green-stuff was still flexible enough so I could practise fit it. 
Not sure if my green ramp looks quite right? What do you think?

After the practise fit, I found it sagged in the middle, enter the reinforcement of sprue.
So with the practise fit underway, the width of my green-stuff ramp is correct, the height however needs work. But that will have to wait a bit.

I still need to assemble my lascannons and heavy bolter sponsons, but they can wait a bit, I am way behind in my painting vow in B&C Here.


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Kit bashing Space marine Captain.

Hello all.

I completed this captain a while ago, but never got around to sharing him.With out further ado my kit bashed captain of the 6th Company.

Parts have come from various plastic kits.
Space Marine Vanguard Here
Legs, relic blade and right shoulder pad.

Space Marine Command squad Here
Left arm pointing

Space Marine  Tactical Squad Here
Mk6 plain shoulder pad.

Space Wolves pack Here
Front torso, back torso and wolf head.

Space wolves upgrade Here

All these combine to make my own captain.

Again the photos are not the best, but eventually, when i am no longer a Uni student i will have the resources to organise a light box.


Adding some punch with Land style.

Hello all,

After all the work over the last couple of weeks getting my marines ready to paint. I decided my army could do with some punch. This was actually fairly easy to decide, whilst putting together my marines, I found a kit that I forgot that I had.

Enter the Landraider.
It is missing some parts, probably used for other projects, notably the engine panel and front ramp. The engine panel is not a major deal as the doors will be closed, but I will need to make a custom door for the front, and I will be giving my green stuff skills a shot with this  and see what happens.

Missing the Internal engine panel, and the front assault ramp pictured..

The above photo is from James Wappel's awesome blog Here, a talented painter, and one that I actively follow, I highly recommend that if you haven't yet, check out his Blog, you will not be sorry that you did.

So after that plug, here is the current state of my Land Raider.
Side panels assembled

Sections cleaned and ready for assembly.
I have all the components to make all three variants and at this stage i will not be gluing them in, I am awaiting an order of magnets, so that I can do all three.


Becoming battle worthy

Over the last two weeks, I have concentrated my hobby time and efforts in getting my army of wolves battle ready, or in my case paint ready.

This meant assembling my marines, some models that I have had since 2nd edition days.

So here is what I have been doing with my hobby time.

Devastator Sarg, 2nd ed figure. Empire banner topper as Cherub.

Dreadnought with forgeworld assault cannon, and custom heavy flamer.

Close up of my heavy flamer

Close up of assault cannon

Kitbashed Chaplain

5 Bolter marines

6 bolter marines, 2nd ed metal and plastic hybrids

2 sargeants with combi weapons and 1 bolter marine

Dev sergeant again 2nd ed. And cherub.

4 missile launcher devs

So there we go. Nothing really special, but the bones of my army is now ready to base coat.

Cheers Lupus.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Dorns wolves reinforcements

Holidays are simply the best thing in the World, being able to indulge in my hobby is the cherry on top. That is not to say that I have not been painting rooms in my house or gardening or reading, well you get the gist of what I am getting at.

So anyway, whilst sorting through my bits box today, I was looking for bolter arms for my tactical marines to finish them. Inspiration struck I started to put aside bits and before I knew it, this happened.

Presenting Brother Chaplain - Heredulic, keeper of the faith attached to the 6th company.

I did not intend to actually to this today, but he just sort of happened, as such I have no individual pictures of his parts, but here is the list.

Chaos Warriors Sprue
Head, orbs for the crozius

Vanguard Veterans
Thunder hammer arm, Legs and jump pack

Space Wolves Pack
Chest, shoulder pads, left plasma arm.

Space marine tactical squad
Purity seals.

Here are some different views, the lighting is not the best, and his jump pack is not glues on, I intend to paint them separate.


Monday, 3 July 2017

Reclaimed Rhino 2- The Internals of my Death Guard rhino .

Inspiration has struck, although to be fair the rhino did need something to help make it apparent it was part of my XIV Legion force of Death Guard.

I have always liked that a Rhinos rear ramp can open, so I thought to add a possessed feel to my Rhino with the aid of some green stuff, left over tentacles and bits from a spawn I made years ago.

So here she is so far.
The front of the Rhino with an eye and two mouths in the shape of Nurgles icon

The rear internal transport bay, again with tentacle.

A more in focus look at the ramp.
As you can see, it is not a major conversion, as I do not have the skill, but when the same is done with the Landraider that is going to be added to my Death Guard army, together they should look fairly good.