Thursday, 10 August 2017

Army Update- The Changer of Ways

Whilst it is on my list to eventually make a thousands sons force. I mean who among us, doesn't want to own every army they can.
First things first, I need and want to finish my Flame wolves.

Here is a current picture of my forces, be warned these are not excellently painted figures, this post is first and foremost intended to remind myself that I need to actually paint my army, and in some cases, strip and repaint it.
The Shame begins.

Random paring of DT and Troops.

Random characters

Apothecary yet again, stamping his foot for paint.

Bikes awaiting hellish amounts of love.

Centurions awaiting magnets

2 random bolter guys, just chilling.

This is what happens when you run out of undercoat.
It helps my process to put these pictures up. It is always great to see how far my army has advanced in such a short time. Still I will be putting in a big push over the next few months to get these and more ready for Cancon 2018.

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