Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Wood Elves: Provisional List for Duelling Gamers

The urge to paint figures can stem from several different motivations, sometimes I paint my figs because the sculpt inspire's me(my eldar firedragons for example) or when I need to get an army ready for a tournament, such as my vampire counts and chaos dwarfs. In the first instance an army list is not required and neither is a completion date, but in the second it was for both the vamps and the Dawi Zharr, and so it is with duelling gamers the wood elves need to be completed by 30th September and it is required to be a legal army.

My Wood Elves army is not designed to be a super competitive list, in it you will find some sub par choices such as the inclusion of glade riders and a larger than normal unit of dryads, but when you like the figures it is good to include them, it is after all your army that you are painting and so if you like it do it.The wood elves army is fast, and I am looking to exploit that to the extreme giant eagles, noble on eagle and fast cavalry all help with an already fast armies speed. The wood elves play a very good msu approach with only one large unit of wild riders as the real combat unit, and to be honest I would love to make a unit of 15 but that would  eat three months of the challenge as 5 wildriders comes in at $96 GW retail.

Anyway onto the list for the duel which is currently just under 2000 points, this may not be the final list they never really do stay the same, but this list gives a rough outline of what i need to paint, we will all just have to wait and see in September what I have completed.

Lord  265 points
lv4 beasts
channeling staff

Hero's 261 points
Branch wraith
-A cluster of radients

Noble on giant eagle
-longbow, shield, light, spear
-hail of doom arrow, dragonhelm, potion of foolhardiness
(hail of doom dilutes the purpose of this noble, but it is a staple of the wood elves and the best place I could see to put it with my current list, it would be better on an asb.)

Core 526 points
1 unit of 5 glade riders

1 unit of 10 glade guard

1 unit of 10 glade guard standard bearer of eternal flame

1 unit of 12 dryads

Special  506 points
1 unit of 10 wild riders full command
-banner of swiftness  

1 unit of 3 treekin

Rare 425 points
2 giant eagle


From a deployment standpoint 10 drops is reasonable I think, not a lot of chaff, but enough that the treeman, treekin and wildriders can be deployed with assurance of viable targets.

If time and GW money allows I can potentially add the following to the list to expand it to 2500 points.

Noble on elven steed to join wild riders( I plan to kit bash this guy or girl as I don't really like the existing one)
ASB Noble on foot ( Again I plan on kit bashing this fella)
16 more glade guard ( 20 archers are good, but 36 is better)
5 more wild riders
5 more glade riders

Anyway that is my over all goal of Duelling Gamers, so it is brush o'clock.



  1. Got a small contingent of wood elves too and yep wanted to do an Autumnal theme as well. But as is usual something new and shiny came along and well the woodys just sit on the shelf. Nice list too but only one unit of Dryads? they look so good with autumn foliage.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I have another 12 already painted but they don't count for the challenge so I can field 3 units of 8 if i wanted, but only 12 i am currently painting can be in the final list. It is the something new and shiny that usually gets me as well.