Thursday, 29 June 2017

Another two games under my belt, and another two losses.

I had an opportunity today to play another couple of 1500 point games today, this time against Leigh.

 I did enjoy today's two games, they were very good games, with laughs and luck on both sides.

My list I fielded for both games was as follows

Battalion of Dorn's Wolves

Brother Captain Firelupus
Master crafted boltgun, power sword

Force axe bolt pistol


Company Champion

Dreadnought, 2 x twin linked auto-cannons.

9 Vanguard Veterans with jump packs
Sergeant- Thunder hammer storm shield
2 vets- twin lightning claws
3 vets - chain swords and bolt pistols
1 vet - storm shield and plasma pistol
1 vet - power sword and storm shield
1 vet power axe and storm shield.

5 Stern guard
with special issue boltguns.

9 scouts
sergeant- chain sword boltpistol
4 scouts - combat blade and bolt pistol
4 scouts- shotgun

5 Scouts
sergeant- chain sword boltpistol
3 scouts - boltgun and bolt pistol
1 scout - Heavy Bolter

5 Tactical Marines
sergeant- chain sword boltpistol
3 marines - boltgun and bolt pistol
1 marine - Heavy Bolter

Fast Attack
5 assault marines with jump packs
sergeant- power sword boltpistol
3 marines - chainsword and bolt pistol
1 marine - flamer.

Heavy Support
Disco Predator
Twin lascannon and two lascannons.

5 Devastator marines
sergeant- chain sword bolter
4 marines - missile launchers
1 cherub. - nil

Game 1. Questor Traitoris
Mission : Eternal War Secure and Control.
Deployment: Dawn of War.
Detachments: Super heavy detachment
List: 3 Renegade knights with a mixture of weapons.
Three of these bad bad boys.
The game was quick, I learned a lot in this game and I even managed to almost destroy one of these fellas in close combat with my Vanguard Veterans.

Game 2. Typhus and his Death Guard
Mission : Eternal War Secure and Control.
Deployment: Dawn of War.
Detachments: Battalion and Super heavy auxiliary detachment
The man, the myth, the host of the destroyer hive.

Plague caster
7 plague marines with 2 blight launchers
20 pox walkers
20 pox walkers
2 Foetid Bloat drones
1 Renegade knight

In this game , my vanguard veterans forgot to bring the batteries for their power weapons, with not scoring a single wound, and only 3 attacks actually hitting the death guard squad in close combat.

I very nearly took down the Renegade Knight and these two games both showed gaps in my list.
My rifleman dread, disco predator and devastators all scored multiple hits on the Knight, but was unable to bring it down, before it did what it does and smeared the units.

List Improvements

No, I am not going to run Ultramarines chapter, but will instead start putting together my centurions to bring their firepower to the table.

I am going to retire the members of the 8th and 10th company's from my list for a while, instead I will replace them with bikers and tactical squads from the 6th company instead and see how the list develops. I have not played enough games , against enough opponents to make any definite decisions about anything.
What I do know is I need more manoeuvre elements to my army, it is too static for my liking.

Anyway that is enough rambling from me.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Reclaimed rhino Stage 1- The trimming.

Hello all,

Today I am showing you my reclaimed rhino, that I am going to use in my death guard army.

Here is how I got it many years ago, it came stripped of paint with tabs and mold lines still on it. And it lingered in this form until June this year.

The rhino on the right, This is how it looked when I got it.

A closer view.
As you can see the headlights are in a non standard position. Luckily for me, it was assembled with super glue instead of plastic glue, so with a bit of effort I was able to deconstruct it.

After an evening of cleaning the mold lines and trimming tabs that were still on it, from when it was cut off the sprue, I arrived at this stage.

Bits and bobs.

Panels and doors.

Tracks, a tank needs tracks.

Right side.

And the floor.

Ah this is why I have tracks.

Main Hull.

Left tracks.

Final one.
Next step is to re assemble it and convert it for the Death Guard.

That is all for now.

Cheers Lupus.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Another outing, another learning experience.

Good news, I have another game under my belt for 40K, this time with 75 power worth of Dorn's Wolves.
The list I used was a Battalion Detachment

Power axe, combi-plasma

Tech marine
power axe, plasma pistol.

2 x twin autocannons

2 x twin autocannons


2 honour guard
Relic blades

10 Scouts
sarg- plasma pistol, pistol
4 with shotguns
5 with combat blades and bolt pistols.

5 tactical marines
sarg- combi plasma, power sword
3 with bolters
1 with heavy bolter

5 tactical marines
sarg- combi plasma, power sword
3 with bolters
1 with missile launchers

Fast Attack
5 Assault marines with jump packs
Sarg- plasma pistol, power sword, combat shield
3 with chainswords, bolt pistols
1 with flamer

Heavy Support
5 Devastator marines
Sarg - combi plasma and cherub
4 with missile launchers

2 x Icarus autocannons, hunterkiller missile, storm bolter

Castellan launcher, hunterkiller missile, storm bolter

So in this list, I was trying to go against the conventional wisdom, that you cannot out shoot the Tau. But with these types of lessons, I like to learn them myself. In a game of Empire V(28mm Napoleonic wars), I once charged a battalion of 16 Prussian conscripts into the teeth of a battery of six French 12 pounders, to see why it was bad. Here is a hint it was bad.

Marks List.
Shadow sun with drones
Ethereal with drones
Fireblade with drones

6 stealth team suits with drones and advanced targeting system
6 stealth team suits with drones and advanced targeting system
1 Ghostkeel with fusion collider , multitracker, shield generator

12 man strike team with mp turret drone
12 man strike team with mp turret drone
12 man strike team with mp turret drone

Fast Attack
5 path finders
3 with rail rifles
2 with markerlight, pulse carbine

5 path finders

3 with rail rifles
2 with markerlight, pulse carbine

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire
Set Up: Spearhead Assault

Mark stole the Initiative and proceeded to slaughter my scout squad that was set up for a first turn charge against a strike team and a fire blade that was close to it.
I downed the ghost keel in my first turn, mainly in part due to Smite inflicting 5 mortal wounds.

In the end I called it on turn five with my techmarine, stalker and whirlwind was all that was left.

Victory points
Mark- 8vp (3 objectives, linebreaker and first blood)
Me- 0 vp

What have I learned.

  1. Do not forget to fire my pistols when the enemy is one inch away.
  2. Smite is a nice power, mortal wounds are good, when they work.
  3. Against a fire power army like the Tau, 5 man marine squads do not last long.
  4. Tau drones purchased with a character, after deployment count as separate units, which can be targeted and charged separately.
  5. You cannot out shoot the TAU.
  6. The Tech marine healed my dreads and tank well this game, but in a game with lots of movement, then perhaps i would mount him on a bike.
  7. For 2 power honour guard are cheap, but by themselves they do not last long at all.
  8. Remember what equipment your models have.
  9. 75 power is fun, but a tad to large for a quick game during the night for me at the moment.
Having established that marines cannot out shoot the Tau, it is time to start putting more speed and assault elements into my lists. That is enough of a ramble for now, time to start working on a new 50 power list.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Elements of Dorn's Wolves 10th Company mustered for battle.

Finally, some progress on the 10th company elements of my Space marine army.

The Neophytes are closer to waging war in the name of Dorn. I am happy how they are coming together . They are all base coated and ready for the brush, the only exception is the second landspeeder storm that is still on sprue, and needs to be assembled.

Front view of storm

Side view

Squad IV, the Sniper team.

Squad III

Squad II

Squad Ib

Squad Ia
I plan on running squad I a and b together as one big 10 strong squad.
Squad II, III and IV are for objective hunting during deployment.

Anyway,that is all for now, i have to get back to exam revision, and after that time to pain these bad boys.
Cheers Lupus

Sunday, 18 June 2017

First Game of 8th Ed 40K for Dorn's Wolves

Excellent news June 17th has come and gone,  I got my little hands on the new rules and played my first game of the new edition against Mark.

Mark currently runs Tau, but is starting a Primaris marine army. The game we played was a quick one at 50 power.

The game took about two hours to play, with learning the new rules, and trying to unlearn the seventh ed rules, regardless of the score it was a fun game, with a lot of laughs on both sides.
, we played a No Mercy mission with a Dawn of war deployment.

My List was
Captain with relic blade.
Dreadnought, with twin lascannons and dreadnought weapon.
10 scouts, sergeant with combi plasma, 3 bolters, 1 missile launcher, 2 shotguns, 3 with combat blades.
5 sniper scouts, sniper rifle camo cloaks.
5 assault marines jump packs- sergeant with power fist, 1 flamer, the rest with standard load out.
1 disco predator, twin linked lascannon, 2 lascannons.
landspeeder storm. with multi melta.

Marks list was

commander with 3 missile pods'
3 crisis suits with plasma rifle and missile pods +  2 drones
6 stealth team with 2 drones - as
5 pathfinders
2 units 12 man strike team with plasma rifles.with 2 drones which one is the heavy drone.

The battle lasted for 7 turns with mark having first turn, the game lasted for two hours, with learning the rules, and trying to unlearn the rules.

By the end of the game I had, my Captain with one wound left, and sniper scout sergeant. the captain would have died earlier in the battle if not for the Apothecary healing him up.

I had killed a unit of pathfinders, 1 unit of crisis suits and his commander for a total of 4 vp, with the commander dying in close combat on turn 7.

Mark killed my apothecary, disco pred, dreadnought, assault squad, scout squad, land speeder storm and first blood for a total of 8 vp.

Marks stealth team was his man of the match, was in my face, forcing me to try to destroy it, and stopped the death of his commander on turn one, as they were a closer target. The -1 to hit from camouflage field saved them more then a few times, with out this they would have been dead at least twice over.

So Mark won 8 to 4 on points, and now has a 3-0 winning streak against me.

I can honestly say , I really like the new edition, it is streamlined, play's well and is fun.

Looking forward to the new edition and a rematch with Mark on Thursday night.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Progress on the painting front

A very productive day on the modelling front today. I have managed to find some time to assemble and undercoat some more marines for my chapter. With 8th edition going on sale on Saturday, I have arranged to have a gaming day at my LGS, with a few fellows, and i will be honest, the state of my army was disgraceful.

Scouts with sniper rifle and combat blades

More scouts one has a missile launcher

Power armour, a group shot.

A storm with white undercoat on top.

The storm with black undercoat on the bottom.

Power armour with white undercoat.

Apothecary and heavy bolter marine.

Jump packs and some marine wolf back packs.
So I managed to undercoat about half of my models black, before the can ran out. Luckily it ran out on the underside of the storm. Which is why the top side and the balance of the marines are in white undercoat.

I am not worried about the storm in this regard or the white and black undercoats. The slight difference in the final colours of the marine red, will add some slight changes in colours will add to the overall army.

At least that is what I expect.

Stay tuned.

Cheers Lupus.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Death Guard Legion, Foul Warhost of Lord Archinads

Not much going on in my world at the moment, I am on break from Uni for a month. So I figure why not try to play catch up.

Catch up?  You say.

Why yes, I intend on this break to paint a test model of my death guard. Not to mention, the rooms my lovely wife has me painting in our house.

Let us talk Death Guard now.

Introducing the Foul war-host of Lord Archinads, servant of Nurgle, son of Mortarion and child of Barbarus.

Papa Nurgle demands

I mentioned in an earlier post, that I have two sets from the Dark Imperium starter box to make my death guard, which gives a fairly good start to what i expect to be a 2000 point army when completed.

The two sets combined provide the following miniatures
2 Lords of contagion
2 Malignant plague casters
2 Noxious blight bringers
14 plague marines
40 pox walkers
2 Foetid bloat drones.

I added to this when I went through my bits box and found.
2 spawns that I intend to kit bash out of parts I have lying around.
1 Land raider, that I have not managed to assembled in 5 years or more.

So there it is, I have the start of a nice army,that I intend to add different units as required to make the final 2000 points up.

Maybe a Defiler and a Hellbrute or two. It will depend on what the army needs, and what I like the look of.
Always wanted one of these.

This looks nice

One final comment before I finish, I was asked if I would buy Mortarion, the other day, if GW release a model for him? The answer is YES! HELL YES!

Yes please.

Any way, I have some other miniatures to work on in the mean time.

Cheers Lupus

Dorn's wolves 10th Company Neophytes

This is my next goal for my loyal sons of Dorn.

I intend to assemble and paint the following neophytes to add to my 10th company forces.
I cannot play Black Templars , I have not the ZEAL for them.

5 neophytes sniper rifle, bolt pistol  and cloaks
5 neophytes, sergeant with chain sword and bolt pistol, 4 with combat blades and bolt pistols.
5 neophytes, sergeant with bolt gun and chain sword, 3 bolt gun, 1 missile launcher
5 neophytes, sergeant with bolt gun and chain sword, 3 bolt gun, 1 heavy bolter
These are my colours.

So basically these 20 neophytes and my existing five will be the troops for my army going into 8th edition.

Once I have my rules books, I will be able to start working on army points.

Until then, its assemble and paint time.

Cheers Lupus.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

40k Pre-order lodged.

Ahh June 3rd. The date to lodge your pre-order for 8th edition 40k.

And I have lodged mine.

I went into my local games store today with an iron clad plan in mind for my prechases (Purchases).

As the saying goes. " No plan survives contact with the enemy". In my case today it was no shopping list survived contact with fresh out of the box plastics.

Going into the day I had a firm plan on getting the new rule book and the  Index: Imperium 1

Which I did after a fashion. my rule book is wrapped up in this .
And then I decided to get these as well.

So after a bit of horse trading with a fellow gamer who is starting a Primaris marine army, I will have the start of a Nurgle marine army from the XIV Legion the Death Guard, in 2 weeks time.

Back in the deep dark depths of my teenage years, I built a Death-guard army out of these guys.

After taking one look at the new figures in person, even though they are snap fit, I have fallen to the foul stench of Farther Nurgle once more. That is my age, back in my day he was just papa Nurgle.

My marines of Dorn's Wolves will be beset by a war host of Nurgle.