Monday, 1 January 2018

25 Days until Cancon, better start painting.

Well Cancon is in twenty five days, I am getting super excited for it and I cannot wait until I am rolling some dice.

Twenty five has the feel of plenty of time to get everything completed for this event, and in truth it is with the following exceptions. I have a family holiday with my wife and son for a week, and the day of travel prior to the event, as I am a Victorian and I will need a day of travel.

Factor these into the equation and I have a total of 19 days to complete my army. And by days I mean evenings. And this equates into 76 hours. Whoops I have 76 hours of hobby until Cancon. Time to stop typing and start painting.

So which Army?

Well I will be taking my Eldar Craftworld army of IL-KAITHE to Cancon, that much at least I am certain.


Craftworld IL-KAITHE

So whilst working on my Eldar I found myself drawn to the colours of Purple and green, looking through the Eldar resources both online and in hard copy, I found that a Craftworld called il-kaithe used those colours, once I had read everything I could on this Craftworld I was sold.

So I decided to paint my Eldar or Aeldari for you younger readers, in this scheme. Soon my Craftworld will rise, soon the young races shall suffer for their transgressions, soon I will show pictures of completed miniatures.

But for now here is a token picture form the webs.


2017 in review

So 2017 has come and gone.
On a blogging front I have not been as prolific as I would have expected, but that is okay.
On the gaming front I have been active with the majority of my time devoted to Warhammer 40K.

Over this last year I have played a lot with my Marines and Recently with Craftworld Eldar. Since 8th edition has been released I have played over 50+ games. This does not sound a lot, but for myself that is massive, as the year before I played 0 games of any board top system.

On the hobby front I have painted 6 marines in the scheme of my Flame Wolves Chapter and 42 Eldar miniatures in that of Craftworld IL- KAITHE since 8th edition dropped, again the year before I had painted zero.

What does this mean? And why do I feel the need to blog about it?

The answer is that this sets my baseline for 2018, this is my goal to play more games than last year and have painted and completed more miniatures. That I intend to have both these armies completed in 2018 and that I will at the very least provided a monthly blog update to share my gaming adventures.

Finally, that I intend to attend a lot more tournaments this year, starting with Cancon, where i have entered into the 40K ITC championship. More on this in a later post.