Sunday, 27 April 2014

Wood Elves: The first month of Duelling Gamers complete.

Well here they are the completed figures for my first month of Dueling Gamers, it was a push at the end, but I am very happy with the results, and also happy to finish with a few days up my sleeve, and it appears that I am the third dueller to finished this month, anyway onto the pictures.

The group shots.


Duelling Update
Still to Assembled.

Still to paint 

Painting in Progress

Completed 100.0%
12 Dryad 
3 Treekin

So with the first month completed, I will start thinking about what to do for May , as yet I have not decided what I want, but it will either more tree spirits or some elves, what I will do however is celebrate the New Wood Elves army book next Saturday when I get it, and then read that bad boy for most of the day.

Anyway I have rambled enough catch you all next time.
Cheers Lupus.

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