Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Axemaster day 2.

Well the good nights sleep did not happen for a number of reasons, but I did get some sleep so that combined with a good breakfast and a 40 minute hot shower had me refreshed as I was going to get and ready for the challenge  of day 2.

After the failure of my tactics on Day one I decided to throw the plan out of the window and try some different tactics, I mean it could not go worse then it had , or could it?

Game 4 
Opponent: Josh 
Army : Brettonian's, 
Deployment: Battle for the pass deployment

His Army from what I remember was
2 x Lords
2 x lv2 beasts ladies
2 x trebuchets
2 x 10 peasant archer regiments
1 x 8 grail knight regiment
1 x 3 peg knights
1 x 6 knights of the realm
1 x 12 knights of the realm
1 x 9 knights errant

Spoiler: This was my most enjoyable game of the weekend and that is saying a lot considering the amount of fun games and the interesting opponents i played against.

My Deployment.

Josh's deployment.

A closer view of the Knights of the realm and Errants.

Waywatchers at the moment of their victory.

The action as it happens

Notable occurrences of the game.
  • My waywatchers defeating Peg knights in close combat
  • A unit of Glade guard flank charging the large unit of knights of the realm and pinning them for two turns.
  • Wild riders tearing through the bsb and his bus and into combat with his general, and killing him.
  • My Treekin standing toe to toe with the Frost Phoenix most of the game
  • The result was 13-7 against me, what a great game.

So with the first game of day 2 I scored more points then the entire day before, happy with the start.

Game 5 
Army :High elves
Deployment: Battle line deployment

His Army from what I remember was
Prince on Dragon
Dragonmage on Dragon
Mounted BSB on elven steed with Banner of the world dragon 
Dragon knights or Silverhelm bus i forget which type
3 repeater bolt throwers
Frosthearted Phoenix
Seaguard unit 
Archer regiment

Notable occurrences of the game.
  • Shooting the Dragon mage off, and then casting pit of shades on his Sun dragon and getting that as well.
  • Wild riders tearing through the bsb and cav unit and into combat with his general, and killing him.
  • My Treekin standing toe to toe with the Frost Phoenix most of the game.

No Pictures of this game as they came out super blurry, which for me means they were really rubbish.

The result was 15-5 my way me, what a great game and my first victory of the event.

Game 6 
Opponent: Andrew
Army : Dark Elves,
Deployment: Battle for the pass deployment

His Army from what I remember was
Malekith on coldone
Bsb on Cold one
lv1 or 2 on foot
10 cold one knights
3 units of dark riders
4 reaper bolt throwers
2 units of corsairs
2 Hydra's

The only picture that i took of the Dark Elves, love the lavender cold ones, I see you Malekith,I see you.
Notable occurrences of the game.

  • My Wild riders failed to charge the cold one bus needing five on 3d6 and I only rolled a four.
  • Getting the witch king  and his BSB down to only 1 wound each , but not being able to seal the deal and missing out on the 900 odd vp they were both worth hurt , but did not really change the outcome.
  • Expressing to my opponent Andrew how I wanted to go to attend another tournament next year called Rumble in the Bronx held in Geelong, as I had only heard great things about it, to discover that he was the TO of said event, so we laughed at that.
Anyway the result was 20-0 against me, but i had a great game, next time Malekith, next time.

Final Result 
 So lets review my goals I set for Axemaster.
  1. Have a lot of laughs: Yep I did that every game, and a fair amount in between games as well.
  2. Meet new gamers: Met a lot of people that share the same interest's always a good thing.
  3. A fun weekend: I have said it before the entire weekend was a blast.
  4. Score 30 battle points: Well 28 battle points is not bad, i blame Malekith for my shortage of 2 points.
  5. Win 1 game: It was looking touch and go there for a while, but yes i did manage to win a game.
And in the final wash up I finished last at the event , but i did not leave empty handed.
My trophy for Best Sportsman.

My unexpected prize for best sportsman a box of Chaos warriors, the start of a new army perhaps?
To finalize this post I must thank the following people.
First my family for giving me the leave pass to attend over the weekend.
My opponents who made my games a fun experience even when I was losing, which you cannot come last if you are not.
Hoodling for his blog that restarted my interest in the hobby.
The Hampton games club for hosting a great event.

Anyway I have rambled enough.



  1. Congratulations on the best sports award - it is in no way related to the wooden spoon. You won each on their own merits!

    Glad you had a good time. That's really what these things are about.

  2. You are of course correct, i like how you termed it upon their own merits.
    In any event i had an awesome time of it.