Wednesday, 1 October 2014

30th September Duelling Gamers: Duel failed.

Well this is the final installment of my contribrution to Duelling Gamers, I have failed to complete my final targets for the Duel with 5 way watchers, the way stalker and basing the army left uncompleted. I will complete these in October but as far as the duel is concerned the deadline has been reached it is time to down brushes and show my final status.

Duelling Update
Still to Assembled.

Still to paint 

Painting in Progress
5 way watchers
1 way stalker

The red base coat of failure.

Another view of the way watchers.
Completed this Month
1 Spell Weaver on foot
1 giant eagle
1 kitbashed noble asb on foot
1 Kitbashed noble on elven steed.
1 Treekin base filler
3 Glade guard, all I could summon the energy to paint after Axemaster.
Front View

Left View

Rear View

Right View

Completed in past Months
1 Spellsinger on foot
12 Dryads
Dryad unit filler
25 Glade Guard
6 Glade Riders
3 Treekin
1 giant eagle

That is enough of what I have not completed, now for the good news I have a core heavy painted 2000 point army even without my Way watchers , and I am extremely happy with how the look of the Army is coming along. This challenge and the end results provide an excellent kicking off point for the rest of my Wood Elves that are going to follow and expand the army.

Dryads, Treeman, Glade riders and Eagle

Glade guard, Treekin, Deep wood scouts and another eagle

My Characters, two Glade captains, 1 branch wraith and 2 spellweavers

Another View of the Army on the Shelf, with an Owl looking unhappy below.

Another slightly different view.

Learning outcomes from the Duel.
  • Be flexible with monthly goals and try to stay on target: This i found a hard lesson to relearn.
  • Have a color scheme organised: I lost perhaps a month of painting time just trying to figure out how i wanted my elves and tree spirits to look, one dyrad I paint four times before I was happy with it.
  • Chip away at it: I have learned to organize 1 hour painting sessions so that I do not get bored, as well as to take advantage of 15 minute windows when they present themselves as the 15 minute slots can add up to a couple of hours over the course of the week.
  • Have something to listed too whilst painting: Midsomers murders, podcasts and music really helps, i tried to also listen to Game of thrones and Battle Star Gallactica but found i was watching them instead.
My very supportive Wife during one of my late night painting sessions.

My very unsupportive cat how loves my warm seat.

The painting station where all the Magic happens.

So i guess the question that i feel i must ask and answer is

Would you do this duel again: The Answer is a resounding Yes, The Duel has reinvigorated my hobby.

Cheers Lupus.


  1. Ah well, you got closer than me. I'll have to arrange a similar post soon.

  2. LOL, but unlike you I did not paint an ogre army in the middle of the duel.

    1. Clearly this is where you went wrong. You could have had a painted Ogre army!

    2. Quiet you, I had my wife in my ear last night asking when i was going to start on my Dwarfs and give my vamps a repaint.

      Sigh this is your fault.

    3. That's fine, you can blame me. I can take it. It's part of being an Agent of Evil.

      She's right though, you should be painting those Dwarfs. Do 'em whilst they're shiny and new.

    4. Agree with both you and her on that, the plan is to nut out the dwarf test colors this month , so that i can intersperse a regiment of dwarfs in between the wood elves for some variety.

  3. So close but never too far when painting minis, having around 2000 points dominated by core is really great. I realised too late that my vamps don't even come close on the core requirements oh well gave me an excuse to paint some ghouls. Agree with you on doing it again but what army, what force and what can I do to con wife and kids into painting my stuff for me.

    1. Love that last part of outsourcing, wait we can do that?

      I doubt the quality of my 2 years old sons painting, but my wife's could be acceptable.

      I would like to say i planned my army for lots of core, but it sort of evolved to be that way.

    2. Mine was based purely on shiny toys sitting in the shed gathering dust that said 'twas fun regardless. First paint off as it were too.

      My sons are 18 and 16 both game and paint, youngest is actually a way way better painter than me but now he knows it the price he might charge will break my limited budget hahahaha.

    3. LOL,
      Chris you could tempt him with
      you not paint my army's, you not eat my food.

      I think i just became super mercenary.