Friday, 18 July 2014

The road to Axemaster- May it be gentle and kind.

It has been many years since I last attended a tournament, the last one I played at was Axemaster in 2003 or 2004 anyway I think it was, details are sketchy for one as old as I, why is this important you must be asking yourself what bearing does this have?

The Breathless Host and I shall be attending Axemaster this year.
Cue cheers from my wife and groans from my painting desk, I intend to take my Wood Elves and I may have convinced a mate to take his Dark Elves( By convince I mean that I mentioned to him that I was going and he is jumping on board supposedly).

So what does this all mean, well it means that the painting schedule for Duelling Gamers is about to be supplemented by another 500 points of Wood Elves and that my completion date has moved closerby a little more than a week, this is excellent as I have been slack of late with my painting and as I have paid for my spot I am committed and properly enticed to complete my army by the 19th of September when I should be ready to go, and I may even have time to play a practice game or two in theory.

The only real question that is left is what tasty treat shall I make the TO to bribe an extra couple of bonus points out of him.

Anyway enough rambling I have painting to do.


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