Thursday, 29 June 2017

Another two games under my belt, and another two losses.

I had an opportunity today to play another couple of 1500 point games today, this time against Leigh.

 I did enjoy today's two games, they were very good games, with laughs and luck on both sides.

My list I fielded for both games was as follows

Battalion of Dorn's Wolves

Brother Captain Firelupus
Master crafted boltgun, power sword

Force axe bolt pistol


Company Champion

Dreadnought, 2 x twin linked auto-cannons.

9 Vanguard Veterans with jump packs
Sergeant- Thunder hammer storm shield
2 vets- twin lightning claws
3 vets - chain swords and bolt pistols
1 vet - storm shield and plasma pistol
1 vet - power sword and storm shield
1 vet power axe and storm shield.

5 Stern guard
with special issue boltguns.

9 scouts
sergeant- chain sword boltpistol
4 scouts - combat blade and bolt pistol
4 scouts- shotgun

5 Scouts
sergeant- chain sword boltpistol
3 scouts - boltgun and bolt pistol
1 scout - Heavy Bolter

5 Tactical Marines
sergeant- chain sword boltpistol
3 marines - boltgun and bolt pistol
1 marine - Heavy Bolter

Fast Attack
5 assault marines with jump packs
sergeant- power sword boltpistol
3 marines - chainsword and bolt pistol
1 marine - flamer.

Heavy Support
Disco Predator
Twin lascannon and two lascannons.

5 Devastator marines
sergeant- chain sword bolter
4 marines - missile launchers
1 cherub. - nil

Game 1. Questor Traitoris
Mission : Eternal War Secure and Control.
Deployment: Dawn of War.
Detachments: Super heavy detachment
List: 3 Renegade knights with a mixture of weapons.
Three of these bad bad boys.
The game was quick, I learned a lot in this game and I even managed to almost destroy one of these fellas in close combat with my Vanguard Veterans.

Game 2. Typhus and his Death Guard
Mission : Eternal War Secure and Control.
Deployment: Dawn of War.
Detachments: Battalion and Super heavy auxiliary detachment
The man, the myth, the host of the destroyer hive.

Plague caster
7 plague marines with 2 blight launchers
20 pox walkers
20 pox walkers
2 Foetid Bloat drones
1 Renegade knight

In this game , my vanguard veterans forgot to bring the batteries for their power weapons, with not scoring a single wound, and only 3 attacks actually hitting the death guard squad in close combat.

I very nearly took down the Renegade Knight and these two games both showed gaps in my list.
My rifleman dread, disco predator and devastators all scored multiple hits on the Knight, but was unable to bring it down, before it did what it does and smeared the units.

List Improvements

No, I am not going to run Ultramarines chapter, but will instead start putting together my centurions to bring their firepower to the table.

I am going to retire the members of the 8th and 10th company's from my list for a while, instead I will replace them with bikers and tactical squads from the 6th company instead and see how the list develops. I have not played enough games , against enough opponents to make any definite decisions about anything.
What I do know is I need more manoeuvre elements to my army, it is too static for my liking.

Anyway that is enough rambling from me.

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