Saturday, 3 June 2017

40k Pre-order lodged.

Ahh June 3rd. The date to lodge your pre-order for 8th edition 40k.

And I have lodged mine.

I went into my local games store today with an iron clad plan in mind for my prechases (Purchases).

As the saying goes. " No plan survives contact with the enemy". In my case today it was no shopping list survived contact with fresh out of the box plastics.

Going into the day I had a firm plan on getting the new rule book and the  Index: Imperium 1

Which I did after a fashion. my rule book is wrapped up in this .
And then I decided to get these as well.

So after a bit of horse trading with a fellow gamer who is starting a Primaris marine army, I will have the start of a Nurgle marine army from the XIV Legion the Death Guard, in 2 weeks time.

Back in the deep dark depths of my teenage years, I built a Death-guard army out of these guys.

After taking one look at the new figures in person, even though they are snap fit, I have fallen to the foul stench of Farther Nurgle once more. That is my age, back in my day he was just papa Nurgle.

My marines of Dorn's Wolves will be beset by a war host of Nurgle.



  1. OOOOH you did not follow the plan at all did you. Can't blame you oew bit as I do like the models myself and sort of hope that the game takes off again in the right direction.

  2. Agreed Chris, the models look great. I think, with the little I have read and seen, that 8th edition will be good.