Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Elements of Dorn's Wolves 10th Company mustered for battle.

Finally, some progress on the 10th company elements of my Space marine army.

The Neophytes are closer to waging war in the name of Dorn. I am happy how they are coming together . They are all base coated and ready for the brush, the only exception is the second landspeeder storm that is still on sprue, and needs to be assembled.

Front view of storm

Side view

Squad IV, the Sniper team.

Squad III

Squad II

Squad Ib

Squad Ia
I plan on running squad I a and b together as one big 10 strong squad.
Squad II, III and IV are for objective hunting during deployment.

Anyway,that is all for now, i have to get back to exam revision, and after that time to pain these bad boys.
Cheers Lupus

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