Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Progress on the painting front

A very productive day on the modelling front today. I have managed to find some time to assemble and undercoat some more marines for my chapter. With 8th edition going on sale on Saturday, I have arranged to have a gaming day at my LGS, with a few fellows, and i will be honest, the state of my army was disgraceful.

Scouts with sniper rifle and combat blades

More scouts one has a missile launcher

Power armour, a group shot.

A storm with white undercoat on top.

The storm with black undercoat on the bottom.

Power armour with white undercoat.

Apothecary and heavy bolter marine.

Jump packs and some marine wolf back packs.
So I managed to undercoat about half of my models black, before the can ran out. Luckily it ran out on the underside of the storm. Which is why the top side and the balance of the marines are in white undercoat.

I am not worried about the storm in this regard or the white and black undercoats. The slight difference in the final colours of the marine red, will add some slight changes in colours will add to the overall army.

At least that is what I expect.

Stay tuned.

Cheers Lupus.

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