Friday, 11 August 2017

The Flame Wolves are going to Cancon 2018

Well it has happened, my lovely wife has agreed to send me away for the weekend in January to play with my lead and plastic marines at that Gaming paradise of Cancon.

An fine gent that I played last time at Cancon, I have forgotten his name but the good memories of that game remain.

The above picture gives an indication of how many gamer's of different ilk go to this event. So what does this decision mean for me?

Well honestly, this means that my next five months of free time will be used either playing 40 K or painting my 40 K army. And by painting, I mean to a standard that I shall not be ashamed to play with it.

This is not a bad thing, as all the armies that I have painted in the past have all been to play in a tournament. I need this push, as I have been struggling to put brush to miniature for some time now.

With this in mind, I will be setting myself monthly painting targets, and will need to ensure I complete them in order to have my force battle ready.

But painting is not the only requirement that I will need to ensure I complete. I will need to enter some events prior to Jan next year to ensure that my gaming standards and skills are up to snuff.

To add another dimension to it, all of this must be accomplished on a Uni students budget both in Time and Money.

Regardless of my intentions however, I know I will be doing more hobby in December whilst on Uni holidays, then I will in any of the months preceding it.


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