Sunday, 23 April 2017

Neophyte Training

As with much of Dorn's Wolves there is structure and reason to the training of the chapters neophytes.
Once an aspirant has passed his trials he is blessed with the chapters sacred gene seed and enters into the 10th company as a neophyte of the chapter. Issued with a bolt pistol and combat blade that will be his for the rest of his service.

The 10th company has a hierarchy with its neophytes that is tried and true, it is outlined below and takes the codex one step further..

When a neophyte first enters the 10th company, he is assigned to a squad sergeant, who will teach him and his squad mates the ways of the the sniper, the methods of stealth and precision kills.

If he survives his training, for survival is not assured he will then leave his squad mates and advance. Joining another squad and sergeant to learn the ways of the close kill, it is at this time that his bolt pistol and combat blade are the only weapons he will use.

Those that survive this stage are then allowed to use shotguns to learn the art of mid ranged fire support, only once their sergeant is satisfied they know thier craft are they thenissued with a boltgun.

Those neophytes that are equipped with boltguns are at the final stage of their training, awaiting only the Master of recruits to give his approval for advancement into the 9th company.

Perhaps six and maybe if talented or lucky seven of those that started training in the 10th company survive to join the ranks of full battle brother and advance to the 9th company.

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