Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cancon Random Pictures

Random Pictures of the convention iteself.

Night goblin warboss

Second hand stall

More second hand.

Board games area.

Some Cosplay, sonic qas dedicated it was very hot this day.

More Cosplay

A cosplay lady and her kids.

Warrior of Chaos Army

Chaos dwarfs army

High elves army

Wood elves army

Ogres Army

Night goblin army

Dwarfs Army

More Cosplay
Some Napoleonics

Another Dwarfs army.

Roy's best painted Dwarfs.

More Cosplay

Steampunk cosplay

Another woodelves army

Another High elves army.

And that is it for Cancon, i highly recommend the event, even if Warhammer fantasy is not for you the convention is just amazing.


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  1. Agree totally with your assessment, the Con is the best in Australia but then I have not been to them all. MOAB in Sydney is not too bad either even if a bit smaller.