Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Cancon Day 2 and Game 5 - A gent was played 'best sports was gained'

Comming into game five after the drubbing Viv had given me I was in good spirits after picking up some bargains during my lunch break.

Game 5- Karl Anderson
Orcs and Goblins
The Mission was Blood and Glory,
With a fortitude of five I expected to give up the bonus points very quickly, but my plan was to focus on breaking the Orc army as well to mitigate some of the bonus victory points.

Karl's army Swedish comp  15

Orc great shaman
lv3 - earthing rod, ruby ring and talisman of presevation

Orc Shaman
lv1- feedback scroll

NG Bigboss bsb
Great weapon , talisman of endurance

NG Bigboss
Great weapon, obsdidan lodestone

NG Bigboss
great weapon, dragonbane gem

18 savage orc big uns
with additional handweapons full command

 40 NG
shields, spears, full command, netters and 2 fanatics

2 units of 5 goblin wolf boyzs
shields spears and muso

18 black orcs
shields full command, standard of discipline

2 goblin wolf chariots

2 orc chariots

2 units of 2 snotlings

Goblin rock lobber

2 snotling pump wagons

2 doom divers

2 mangler squigs

His spells- i cannot remember but he did not roll foot of gork, this i remember quite clearly.
My spells
Lifeweaver:- flesh to stone, throne of vines and Dwellers below
Beastsinger:- Wildform
Branchwraith:- Earthblood

We both deployed deep and after a turn or two we decided to make a game of it, as both of us were inclined to sit back and shoot and magic the other, i got lucky that Karl did not roll up foot of gork, but this gent was able to provide a great game and it is no wonder that he won best sports for the event.
Karl and his army deployed and ready to go.

My center and left flank after turn 1.

My right flank after Turn 1.

After turn 1, the game became so much fun that i clear forgot to take regular photo's, in the end  neither of us broke during the game and I was able to use dwellers and  bow shot  to destroy the savage orcs off the board.

One of the highlights was my glade riders having a brain fart came on behind the night goblins, and bam- fanatics made short work of them.

Mangler squigs mangled and in the end I won this game  12-8, but on an enjoyment scale this was one of the best overall.


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