Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Cancon Day 2 game 6

This was the last game on day 2 and i was beginning to feel it a bit, enter my second mirror match of the event.

Game 6- Alex Rynel
Wood elves Swedish 15.3
The Mission was Battle Line

His list is as follows.
Spellweaver (310pts)
dispell scrowl, Elven Steed, lore heavens, Level 4 talisman of preservation 

Glade Captain (152pts )
BSB, bow of loren, hail of doom arrow, shield

Shadowdancer (120pts)
potion of strength
10x Glade Guard (160pts)
hagbane tips, musician 

10x Glade Guard (160pts)
10x hagbane tips,musician

20x Eternal Guard (285pts)
shields, full command, standard of dicipline

10x Deepwood scouts (160pts)
hagbane tips 

7x Sisters of the Thorn (197pts)
Standard bearer/w gleaming pennant

6x Wild Riders (168pts)

6x Wild Riders (168pts)

3x warhawk riders (135pts)

Treeman (225pts)

8x waywatchers ( 160pts)

His spells- Cannot remember  any except his chain lightning was very effective.
My spells
Lifeweaver:- flesh to stone, throne of vines, shield of thorns and Dwellers below
Beastsinger:- Wildform

Branchwraith:- Earthblood

Alex looking happy at the start of the game.

Alex castled up on the right flank

First turn the castle sorties out to attack my woodies.

All my dice and a better picture of the summer elves.

Alex's scouts and Treeman holding his left flank, with dead sisters in the background.

Finally a picture of my army.

It has been nearly two months since this game , but these are the highlights.

  • Gleaming pennant saved the sisters and the heavens weaver from a (boxcars)double 6  12 on a panic check , and instead turned it into a (snake eyes) double one on turn 3, i think that little 5 pt item is going to become a staple of my list as i have seen it prove its worth twice now at this tournament for my opponents.
  • Sisters of the thorn proved hard to kill, but i got them in the end turn 5 or 6.

  • It was basically a game of move and counter move with shooting and magic to the fore, both of our infantry blocks saw no real action during the game.

Final battle points
7-13 , and another loss to me.


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