Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cancon Day 3 Game 7 The Lizards come.

So onto the first game of the day three.

Game 7- Josh Byrne
The Mission was Battle for the Pass
Josh is a 40k player who's mates and he decided to try thier hand at fantasy a couple of months ago, dont let that fool you though he had a firm grasp of the rules and is an excellent general, and to be honest his lizardmen were painted really nicely.

Josh fielded this army.

Lv4 - High Magic, Harmonic Convergence, Focus of Mystery, Channeling Staff, BSB, Swiftness

Scar Vet Halberd, Glittering Scales
Scar Vet Halberd, Light Armour, Dragonhelm, Ironcurse Icon

4 units of 12 Skink Skirmishers
Javelins & Sheilds

2 units of 30Saurus Warriors
Full Command

34 Temple Guard
Full command

Sharpend Horns

Josh ready to deploy.

My Wood Elves deployed and ready to go.

The Saurus behind the skink screens at deployment.

Turn 2 the Lizards continue to advance.

Turn 2, my great eagle about to die.

Josh looking intently at his skinks.

Just before the battle lines meet, in turn 4.

His spells- All of the high magic ones i believe.
My spells
Lifeweaver:- Awakening the wood, flesh to stone, throne of vines and Dwellers below
Beastsinger:- Wildform
Branchwraith:- Earthblood


  • Josh deployed all his characters into the temple guard.
  • This game was a bloody affair , and the lizards did very very well, but for one wound on a steg my wild wood rangers would have survived the combat and threatened his saurus block, but the lost combat broke and ran.
  • I cleaned up his skink screen effectively, thank you true flight arrows.
  • I forgot to dispel fiery convocation in my turns which accounted for the death of my singer and her glade guard body guard
  • Josh rolled total power every time it mattered, which reduced his slann to level zero mage level however by turn 4.
  • Dwellers accounted for the slann mage and a goodly number of temple guard.
  • In the last turn i decided to attempt to turn a draw to a win, but it backfire and became a loss instead.

Result  12- 8 against me , so another loss.

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