Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cancon Day 3 , game 8- There were Rats , rats lots of bloody rats, on the board.

Game 8- Robert Hughs aka Rojo (Wargamerau)
Last game of the tournament and Rojo and his amazing hair was looking a little worse for wear, an excellent opponent and his figure that he painted in pastels looked great, the rest of his amazing army was borrowed. but it as well look good, i cannot wait to see his finished ratmen next time we meet.

The Mission was Battle Line
Last game of a three day tournament and with only 30 minutes of lunch we were on the tail end of a great event, and i am glad to have played Rojo and great way to end a great event.

His List was 16.6 counting as 16 swedish
Lord Skrolk

Plague Priest
Lv2, Flail, Ironcurse icon, Obsidian Lodestone

Warlock Engineer
Lv1, Warp energy condensor, doom rocket

Warlock Engineer
Lv2, dispel scroll, warstone tokens

34 clanrats
full command, shields, poisoned wind mortar

20 slaves
muso and spears

34 stormvermin
full command , razor standard, poisoned wind mortar

8 gutter runners

8 gutter runners
handweapons and snares

8 poisoned wind globadiers

34 plague monks
full command, plague banner

Doom wheel

Plagueclaw catapult.

Rojo and his magic hair ready to go.

The skaven at deployment on the right flank.

The doom wheel that refused to die.

Skaven center.

My glade riders appear behind the plague monks and have their eye on the catapult.

My center depleted by the plague claw stand ready to repel the rats.

Eagles flanking.

The lovely looking plague claw catapult, that cause a lot of elven death.

End of turn 6, fleeing clanrats behind the tower.

Depleted slaves in front of the tower.

The doom wheel that i just could not kill, with one wound left.

His spells- Plague and more Plague, I cannot remember them at all.
My spells
Lifeweaver:- Awakening the wood, throne of vines, shield of thorns and Dwellers below
Beastsinger:- Wildform
Branchwraith:- Earthblood


  • I was able to reduce the horde of storm vermin with missiles and magic and finally in CC with my Wild wood rangers.
  • My treeman and a unit of wild riders ground  the plague monks off the table
  • My glade riders ambushed on and took care of his plague catapult 
  • At the end of the game only the doom wheel and slaves were left.

Result 14-6 Win to me.

This was a great way to end the event, and i look forward to meeting these excellent people hopefully again next year.

Cheers Lupus.

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