Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cancon the final wash up.

With all the battle reports up, such as they are, i decided to look at my army composition and see how i felt my Elves as a whole faired.
So how did i do?
4 wins and 4 loses.
73 battle points and placed equal 100th position out of 120 entrants.
If my army was completely painted I would have finished equal 66th position, so a lot can be said for attending a tournament with a fully painted and based army.

How did i find that my list performed, well here are my thoughts on the matter.

Lv4 Life weaver- Corinath
  • Lore of life is worth the comp hit you take in swedish comp. Whilst it did not always perform as i would have expected , i found that it gave my opponents something to think about in every magic phase , be it flesh to stone, dwellers below or even shield of thorns.
  • The magic item load out of my general could have been better
  • This guy is a must have, the re-rolls to ld tests was worth it, factor in the hail of doom arrow and i found him to be effective, although i am not completely happy with his loadout i will continue to tinker
Branch wraith
  • To be honest, i think i will play without her for a while, the additional channel and her perfomance in game seven were handy, but not really worth the investment.
  • perhaps in a tree list she would be amazing with a few of her sisters to help out. I also feel that I defaulted to using her defensively on spell choice when i could be better served otherwise.
  • I feel that her points in another offensive unit would have been of better use.
Lv1 Beast singer
  • This girl had the theory behind her, but i found the lore of beasts not as good for this army as i expected it to be , in truth i had not play tested a lv1, but I did playtest a level 2.
  • If i keep a second spell caster in my list i will probably change the lore to shadow/ metals or heavens.
  • The fireball ring was okay, but i found it not as good with beasts as say metal or light would have been.
Shadow dancer
  • He worked well, but I think his loadout needs to be changed to a potion of strength, as it would add high strength attacks to him.
Glade riders
  • Excellent, will continue to find a place for them, maybe upgrade their arrows to something hagbane maybe?
Glade guard
  • Who can argue with trueflight arrows they bring the pain and i don't mind taking the comp hit for them.
Wild wood rangers
  • 28 may be about three too many, may consider reducing them to 25, but will add the banner of swiftness in the future to lend more speed to the unit as the flaming banner was wasted this time around.
Wild riders
  • 140 points of pure destruction, if they are not shot to death first, an awesome unit.
  • Love this guy, always performs his roll well, and as a stubborn anvil does as advertised.

Giant eagles
  • wish I could have three units, may add some Warhawk riders or an Eagle noble.
Way watchers.
  • My unit of 6 is sometimes overlooked, but always performed their roll well.

Potential changes

  • My army was very static with usually the Wildwood rangers acting as late game counter attack unit.
  • As predicted i struggle with high toughness high armour save units eg the stank from game three, and the Doomwheel in Game 8. 
  • I felt that I lacked another fast unit that could bring the pain, so i will be looking at a redesign, maybe a wardancer unit as well for some more fun.
Anyway that is how my army went , for myself i had a blast, but i think next time i will fly up, the drive up from Victoria was okay as we were fresh, but the drive back was a drag as we were not fresh at all.


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