Monday, 2 March 2015

Cancon day 1 game 3- Karl Franz, die damn you die

It is now over a month since Cancon and i will admit that i have been super slack in getting these reports done.
So coming into game three after a 30 minute break i was up against last years Cancon TO Dave and his Empire army. Now with a fair amount of 1+ armor in his army I was starting to think my beast weaver should have been a metal weaver after all.

Anyway on with the report, it had been a long day and i was tired so i only remembered to take three photos and the only non blurry one is below.

Game 3- Dave Hurley
The Mission was Meeting Engagement

Davids list was a 13.9 on the Swedish scale and consisted of

Karl Franz
Barded warhorse, Ghal Maraz

Arch  Lector
Barded Warhorse, heavy armour, great weapon
Dragonhelm, White cloack of Ulric, Ironcurse icon

Captain BSB
Full Plate, Barded warhorse
Sword of might, charmed shield, dawnstone

Luthor Huss

Witch hunter
Brace of pistols ruby ring

Witch hunter
Brace of pistols sword of swift slaying

39 Halberdiers, muso standard
2 detachment of 5 archers

11 inner circle knights
full command , lances warbanner

2 units of 5 reiksguard

Celestial Hurricanum

Steam tank.

Dave put all his mounted characters into his inner circle bus, with the witch hunters with the halberdiers.

The special rules for deployments had no real effect on this battle

My spells were
Lifeweaver :- Flesh to stone, Throne of vines, Shield of thorns and Dwellers below
Beastsinger:- Wildform
Branchwraith:- Earthblood

So highlights of this battle are and sorry for the abbreviated nature of this as it have forgotten some details without pictures to remind me.

On turn two I cast dwellers onto the knight bus and this accounted for 5 knights, Luthor Huss, the Arch Lector and the Captain BSB. So this one spell netted me 512vp and took most of the fight out of this unit.
My green dice and casting level = 21 so dwellers goes off, Dave tries to dispel and rolls four blue dice and gets four ones.
This spell was the game changer, it took the wind from the sails of the knight bus and i was able to shoot and magic and use wild rider charges to get the halbediers off the table.

At the end of the game all that was left on Dave's side was Karl Franz on one wound, the steam tank and the Celestial Hurricanum, i could not finish off Karl or the steam tank, but Karl decided to pull 500 points out of my army just by himself over the course of the game so Kudos to Dave.

Result Win 13-7 in my favor.
Another enjoyable game and i finished day one with two wins and a loss, so i was ahead of where i expected to be. I should also mention that Dave painted his army for this event in the three weeks prior, but it looked great despite the time it took to paint, some people are just talented gits in that regard.


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