Thursday, 8 May 2014

Duelling Gamers: Wood Elves the new list for the final goal.

With the release of the new army book, I have decided to revise the army list that will give my painting focus. The changes with how some units work and play (Dryads for one) has required a current list, the Old list was good for the last army book, but a new book means new toys, here is how my thoughts currently stand.

Spellweaver lv4 dark magic foot
maybe an acorn?
'Duer' the Branch wraith handmaiden to Aldertalon
-lore of life
Hero asb on foot and great weapon heavy armour(with built in ward save) and some other magic items and deployed in the wildwood rangers

Spellsinger lv2 on foot lore of metal/fire
dispel scroll maybe?

15 glade guard fc banner of flame . ( spell weaver here deploys in free forest)
inc poison arrows

5 glade riders  (Ambushers)

5 glade riders  (Ambushers)

Handmaidens of Aldertalon
15 Dryads

10 wild riders- fc shields

20 Wild wood rangers (asb here)

7 scouts-

Aldertalon guard
3 Treekin
'Aldertalon' Treeman
Giant Eagle

I have not included any points or magic items as yet because it is too early for me to decide which way to go, but this list will at least guide my painting deadlines and monthly targets and help finish a legal army in September.

Anyway that is all from me.


  1. New toys we loves new toys, especially if they is shiny and make the new army book worth buying, hehehehe. Hope to hear your thoughts on the new woodies in action but I guess you gotta paint 'em first. Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Thank you Chris, I admit i am looking forward to the wildwood rangers