Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Duelling gamers: Dryad unit filler

Well the new army book has landed and I have spent the majority of this last week reading it cover to cover, my revised army list that I will be using for the Duel has a post of its own so I will not rehash it here, instead lets focus on what modeling I have managed this week.

As you can see, I have been fairly unproductive with the only figure being a three base unit filler for my dryads regiment to take the unit count to 15 models, once I play a few games with the army I will know if I should invest in more dryads or if the get shelved for a while.

I will need feedback from my fellow Dueler's however so that I know if the unit filler should cost GW prices of 3 dryads in which case it is $13.75 out of my remaining $44 .

I think the filler looks good, this is the first time that I have made a unit filler for any army, so I kept it very simple and tried not get carried away, it was cheap to make in real dollars all told about $0.72 cents this is what the bases themselves would cost if I purchased a GW square base set, as the bits and bases minus the dwarf all came with the Dryad sprue, and the dwarf came from BFSP sprues.

Front View

Side View

 Other side view

Duelling Update
Still to Assembled.

Still to paint 
Dryad unit filler

Painting in Progress

Completed this Month

Completed in past Months
12 Dryads 
3 Treekin

Anyway I have rambled enough catch you all next time.
Cheers Lupus.

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  1. Unit fillers work for me especially 72cent ones are always going to work. The dryad models are to nice to sit on a shelf regardless how they work in the new lists. Keep 'em in.