Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Third Warhammer Army : Ramblings of an addict

I am an addict and Warhammer is my drug of choice, one of the reasons that I want a third painted army is for something that my existing armies do not have, or can not do.

My existing armies are

  • Vampires are a CC army that I play as an attrition style grind you down list, raise the dead back up, grind you back down.
  • Wood elves are my first love and I am painting these for Duelling gamers.

I want artillery, I feel the urge for the big guns that never tire, the death from afar, this singular option or lack of options is why I had a Chaos Dwarf army, but I do not want another, so my options are limited down to these four sane chaoices and the wildcard entry.

  1. Dwarfs- Never played them, never collected them, love the fluff , love the diverse artillery options though, But I love magic more, for me Magic defines the fantasy game, would be interesting to run a magic less army.
  2. The Empire- Wissenland, sweet wissenland how I love you, with the option of as much black powder as the dwarfs and the different magic lores and diversity of the army list allowing any type of list it is a strong contender.
  3. Orcs and Goblins- I love the greenskins figs, but have trouble with the play style but I still dream about my pure common goblin/ forest goblin horde of 300+ figures with massed artillery to maybe one day win to be honest a no Orc or night goblin list has always interested me.
  4. Skaven- The rats of clan Ratbarstard what could be finer then a brown horde of death, the warpstone mutated monsters  and warpstone big guns, i mean they have a freaking lazer.
Of these four I have never attempted a dwarf army before, the closest I have come was my Chaos Dwarfs, they had everything, magic, artillery ,slave numbers  STOP WALK AWAY FROM THE CHAOS DWARFS.
I have been down that road before I am not about to start that insanity again especially at Forge world prices, but I would be lying if I didn't miss my Chaos Dwarfs.

Ahem, so the final contenders are Dwarfs, The Empire, Skaven and Orcs and Goblins. Except for the Dwarfs I have started before and all of which I have lost interest in them.
Now onto the wildcard entry, a Bretonnian army , they are limited at the moment with only having the option for a trebuchet as the big um 'sling', an outdated army list that may or may not be replaced depending on the rumours, but still i have always wanted to paint an army of noble knights and lowly lowly peasants.

 So anyway that is my issue and my question to you all which army should I start next?

In the meantime I have my vampires to work on and of course finish off my Duelling gamers wood elves. So in three months I will be looking to start my next project, can I be that sane, ahem insane?

What do you all think, because i cannot decide, I will need help choosing.



  1. Ah the unstoppable call of metal and plastic, we are but junkies one and all. Hmmm, for my two cents worth, some of the loveliest magic users in the game, damsels, and that trebuchet is fun to use on big units of Well anything really. Plus what I love is that 3 months ago woodelves and brettonians were rumoured to no longer be supported so going by the woodies it looks like you will have new toys to paint in oh 3 months, how convenient.

  2. And that is my main problem, i have some figures for all the armies except for dwarfs, so i just cannot decide. At the moment i don't play many games so i am embracing the painting side of the hobby.