Thursday, 1 May 2014

Duelling Gamer's the second month of awesome, and oh a new Army Book this month let the Trees rejoice.

Here we go with the second month of my Autumn Wood Elves.
Some major changes to my plan has occurred, in no small part due to the release of the New Wood Elves Army Book, I am picking up my copy on Saturday and as such I have modified my original painting goals for this month, with my $100 retail for this month plus the $40 saved from last month my allowable spend $140  and with this I purchased the following
  1. What is now the previous edition Metal Treeman , which I have dubbed"Aldertalon" for $26.90 from Ebay saving $69.10 of real money but counting as $96.00 towards the challenge because luckily the new plastic kit is still priced at $96.00 Australian retail.

This now leaves $44 towards June where I will probably spend it all on some of the new Wood Elves units, I do not want to rush into any impulse buying (which if I am honest I am very very prone to do.), until I can get a copy of the new army book, did I mention it was this Saturday and contemplate how the new rules and units will affect the way I had planned to build my army.

In the meantime it means that the Treeman is a safe bet, as I can not honestly at the moment see a Wood Elves army without at least one Treeman in their list. I am also hoping that the Spellweaver on Unicorn is a more viable option in the new book, as I have an idea running around in my head of one with dark magic in a unit of Wildriders, and paint the unicorn in a very unfriendly manner .(if the rumors are true)

But back to this months target, now that means I will need to assemble and paint my metal Treeman, for a grand total of a whole one figure( I should be careful not to strain something with this months workload), I will no doubt  manage to do other Wood Elves related shenanigans but only the Treeman will count towards the Duel, unless of course I get inspired and spend some of the remaining $44 before June, which if I am honest is very likely to happen.

So after my first two months of purchases for the Wood elves looks like this.
Games workshop retail equivalent $256.00
Actual money Spent $90.00
Actual money Saved $ 166.00

Duelling Update
Still to Assemble

Still to paint 

Painting in Progress

Completed this Month

Completed in past Months
12 Dryads 
3 Treekin

Anyway I have rambled, I had better get on with the heavy work load for this month.
Cheers Lupus.


  1. One model? Outrageous.

    Here's hoping the new book will be fun to work with.

    1. Yeah i really believe the Treeman to be a safe bet model wise. And it will give me time to work on test colors for my elves. I lost a lot of time in April trying to get my color schemes right , i am very happy with the result, but i am hoping to avoid that for the glade riders and glade guard that i plan at this stage in June.

  2. $44.00 is not enough for the new rangers/eternal guard argh, my palpitating heart!!!! Hmmm online non GW sellers with small discount methinks.......

    I bet you can't hold out till June.....

  3. I am hoping i can , although the Araloth figure is screaming out to be converted to my asb, i doubt i would use him as his actual character as he is pants. so that is $24 which would leave me 20 for June, we will have to wait and see ;).