Sunday, 30 April 2017

Getting ready for 8th edition 40k. Turning lead and plastic into Dorn's Wolves.

So where to from here.

My marine collection is at a stage that it needs some serious effort put into it. Both in assembly and painting to make it look like an army.

I intend over the next 8 months to turn this rabble of leftover armies of the past.

My vehicles

Frederick the Dreadnought and Landspeeder storm

Fast attack bikes and Assault marines

My HQ Brother Captain and Librarian

Tactical Squad with one painted marine, most were H-armless.

Plasma tactical

Missile Devastators

Scout marines - only painted and based unit in the army.

Sniper scouts- need heads.

Command squad.

Into an assembled and painted equivalent of this, so that I shall not be embarrassed to put them on the table and roll some dice.

Not my army, but a nice salamander force. something like this, but painted red.
Target set
Deadline- December 2017
Goal - 1850 points of Dorn's Wolves.
Reward - Attend Cancon and have some fun with the army.

Time to start turning my bits of lead and plastic into an army worthy of Dorn.



  1. A plan sire, I see a plan in the making. You need to join a painting challenge but that said a deadline like CanCon is a great motivator.