Sunday, 30 April 2017

Dorn's Wolves on the prowl.

Yesterday, I attended a one day 3 game 1250 point tournament as a goodbye to 7th edition 40k.

Army construction was interesting with a modified CAD as your only option to construct your force.
These were the restrictions.
Banned Stuff
• Illegal Chinaforge models that breach GW copyright.
• Forgeworld rules.
• Online only digital edition expansions, dataslates, etc.
• Terrain Datasheet pages 184 to 187. The other pages are ok.
• Supplements that make flyers more confusing to use than they already are.
Army Rules
• Maximum of 1250 points.
• Your army must use only one Melton Meltdown Detachment (see below).
• Formations are banned.
• You may use minimal, non-confusing proxies. They must be obvious to your opponent.
• Paint is not required.
Meltown Meltdown Detachment
1 HQ
2 Troops (each must be different to the other)
Choose one option:
• 1 Elites and 1 Fast Attack
• 1 Elites and 1 Heavy Support
• 1 Fast Attack and 1 Heavy Support
1 HQ (must be different)
4 Troops
1 Elites (must be different)
1 Fast Attack (must be different)
1 Heavy Support (must be different)
1 Fortification
1 Lord of War
• All units must be associated with the same codex.

And the list I constructed to suit this was.
Captain-warlord- with command
power armour, power sword

Librarian-with devs
lv1, bolt pistol, force axe.

10 Tactical marines
Combi flamer, flamer heavy bolter

5 Tactical marines
Combi plasma, plasma

5 Scouts
Sniper rifles camo cloaks

5 Scouts
1 ccw, 4 shotguns
Land speeder storm

Multimelta, powerfist, storm bolter

Command squad (combat ineffective)
Champion-power weapon combat shield
2 vets- storm shield, bolt pistol chainsword
1 vet- chainsword, boltpistol

5 Assault marines
Jump packs, flamer

3 Marine bikes- meltabomb, 2 meltaguns

5 Devastators
4 missile launchers

Total 1248pts

Started the day off with a cooked breakfast so win.
The battles will be brief as I forgot photos etc.

First round 
Opponent Necron's 
Maelstrom mission one.
Result Lost

Second round
Opponent White scar's
Maelstrom mission two.
Result Lost

Third round 
Opponent Tau
Maelstrom mission four.
Result Lost

So three games, three losses. Overall had a great day.

Will miss these in 8th though. they have been to many a game.
Farewell templates

Cheers Lupus.

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