Thursday, 13 April 2017

1250 point CAD list of Dorns Wolves

In an effort to kick start myself to spend some time on hobby related goodness, I have entered a 1250 point 40K tournament at my LGS.

I thought I would share my list, with a view to having the army assembled for the event in two weeks.

My home grown chapter uses Imperial Fist chapter tactics.


Captain                                                                         Librarian
artificer armour, storm bolter, relic blade                    lv2, bones of osrak, force axe.
140pts                                                                          115pts


10 tactical marines                                                      5 scouts
rhino, flamer, combi flamer, heavy bolter                  1ccw, 4 shotguns
200pts                                                                         55pts

5 tactical marines                                                       5 tactical marines
plasma, combi plasma                                               rhino, melta, combi melta
95pts                                                                          125pts


Dreadnought                                                              Command Squad
Multimelta, powerfist, storm bolter extra armour     Sargent- power axe, boltpistol
110pts                                                                        Champion- Power weapon, combat shield
                                                                                   2 vets- Storm shield, bolt pistol, chainsword                                                                                            Apothecary
Fast Attack

5 assault marines
jumpacks, 1 flamer

Heavy support
5 devastators
4 missile launchers

So as an army i have anti tank, anti horde, but no anti air which is okay at the second.
3 rhinos.
1 dreadnought
42 sets of boots on the ground. will see how we go.
Cheers Lupus


  1. Pics we need pics, ;) even unmade plastic will do.

  2. unmade plastic you say. They will come. I will take them thursday.