Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Dorn's Wolves Chapter fleet.

Whilst details of 8th edition 40k are slowly being released. I decided to focus on my Chapters fluff and flesh that out, while I slowly continue to assemble my marine army.

Dorn's Wolves Chapter fleet c. 951.M41

After the Pyrrhic victory at the conclusive
 naval battle of the Orge crusade. The naval assets of Dorn's Wolves are severely reduced. Of the entire chapter fleet that was present only the Strike cruiser Spivacum survived.

Battle Barge 
Redempti-  Was undergoing repairs and refit in Coirath System during the Orge crusade. This battle barge was salvaged from the Space hulk- Damnation's Spite .

Strike cruiser Spivacum - Only ship to survive the victory of the Orge crusade, dedicated vessel of the 6th company.
Vanguard cruiser Aurea Brun- On extended duty for the 10th company.
Strike cruiser Exhauriat - Provides naval presence over Chapter Keep on the Fortress world of Coirath Prime in Segmentum Pacificus.

3 squadrons Alpha, Beta and Kappa of  escort vessels for the Exhauriat.
Comprised of a mixture of Gladius and Nova class frigates, and Hunter class destroyers.

A much reduced chapter fleet after the staggering losses of the Orge crusade, with a reduced compliment of battle brothers  as well. But more about these heroes later.


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