Friday, 6 February 2015

Can con day 1 game 2, Mirror match the wood elves

After a nice 2 hour lunch break( that i used for a spot of nerd shopping) it was into round two, and as feared i was pitted against a wood elves general of some repute.

Game 2- Johannes Scherpenhuizen
Wood elves
The Mission was Battle Line
Swedish comp of 15.4

His Army was
Spellweaver Lv3 Beast (general)
Steed, Talisman of preservation, Scroll of shielding

Spellweaver Lv3 Metal
Steed, Opal amulet

Glade Captain BSB
Charmed Shield

Naestra & Arahan
Ceithin-Har (Dragon) 

18 X Glade Guard
Lord's Bowman, Trueflight Arrows, Musician, Standard

18 X Glade Guard 
Lord's Bowman, Trueflight Arrows, Musician, Standard

7 X Wardancers

6 X Sisters of the Thorn

6 X Wild Riders
Shields, Champion, Standard, Gleaming Pennant

6 X Wild Riders 
Shields, Champion, Standard


Total 2397 

So a dual weaver list, with lots of speed and combat ability and of course the sisters on the dragon. I was concerned of course but looking forward to the challenge.

Johannes stunning custom forest dragon with sisters on top , in liu of a picture of the big man.

A picture of his stunning army prior to deployment.
Being a standard battleline mission deployment was as we wanted it and Johannes won first turn and decided to have at me.

Turn 1-6
During the first turn arrows flew and spells were rampant.
I was unable to kill both sisters in the shooting and magic phases, which continued for most of the game, I basically don't remember much of the detail about this game except it was damn hot at the venue, shirts were taken off, i learned a lot from a better general and had a blast from this game. I have included as many pictures as i have to try to provide some details.

Turn 1, and the sisters on their dragon measuring ranges.

A depleted unit of enemy wild riders, with my great eagle in the background.

A view of the board at the end of turn 1.

Eagle facing off against glade guard

My Glade rider trying to hunt down this last wild rider to get his units points.

My wild wood rangers about to feel the hurt of a forest dragon

Wardancers make short work of my eagle as that wild rider continues to look on.

Forest dragon with sisters just shooting my wild wood rangers to death, or in combat i forget which.
This was my first game where i had seen what the gleaming pennant can do with the reroll of the failed ld9 frenzy check for a wild rider unit, and I am sold on its 5 pts of awesome and will start including it in my own lists.

Final victory points 2471 v 352
Battle points 20-0 against
Result: Lost the game, but had a blast playing against a top fella, with a great take on the wood elves, and i learned some valuable lessons.

So after game two i was sitting on 19 battle points which put me i would expect midfield again.

Cheers Lupus.

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